Does Easter Sunday Morning Church Really Need Glitter To Shine? Isn't Christ Enough?

As a celebration of the resurrection of Christ from the dead, Easter Sunday is one of the most important days of the Christian life. This coming, Easter Sunday morning many megachurches will be doing it up in style, without any emphasis on Christ.  I just don't understand the concept of having high profile guests for Resurrection Sunday?

I often wonder why churches would have "Special Guest" for Easter Sunday? Statistics tell  us that most all churches have more guests sitting in their pews on Easter Sunday morning than any other Sunday of the year. So, why not have Christ as the main attraction?


  1. This will sound cynical but...because He's boring. If people wanted to see and hear Jesus, they'd open their Bibles. Many go to see the show....the fashion show, shouting show, singing show, and to get a little touch from Jesus to hold them until next Easter. Remember in the Bible, the large crowds came and followed Him as long as He worked miracles and fed them loaves and fishes? Same thing now. When it was all said and done...He was deserted and alone. Ppl go to get THEIR needs met and be entertained.

    Jesus said He is nigh if we want Him, we don't have to go to special programs to find Him. Knowing Him is the greatest and most exciting thing hands down in my life....but the Bible said few there will be who find the narrow path to walk all the way with Him.

  2. Calledtocontend, you are right. He is boring to them. But He is The Sonshine of my life and is exciting to me EVERY DAY. There is nothing like the sweet communion of the Holy Spirit! It is about a lifestyle... not an occasion.

  3. He doesn't even need a special Easter day; we can know His living presence every day.

  4. Good Question Ann,And Amen to Everyone else`s comments. Anyone who finds Jesus "boring" would have a BIG PROBLEM "should" they make it to Heaven. No Football,No Shopping for shoes purses or Outfits; No Clubs. Just Praising,Worshipping and fellowshipping with and to the Father and our Savior......and that 24/7. You find That boring........Well.....There IS that "Other Place"..............

  5. At our ministry every service is a day of praise raised to God. We celebrate Jesus Christ no matter what Holiday it maybe.

  6. It is because we as the church, both black and white, have been primed that big names, big artists mean 1) a greater draw of people 2) a greater presence of the spirit, when all you need to get a greater presence is to draw closer to him. We have absorbed the "rock start" mentality and worship just as much as the secular world has. That is why we only publicize "the big events". Truth is, every Sunday should be made a wonderful celebration, because HE LIVES! and is available to us everyday. But our materialistic minds have replaced our spiritual ones, and every now and then the two CONFLICT with each other.


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