Church Announcement: White Tie Gala Honoring Bishop Paul S. Morton, SR.

Full Gospel Conference:


  1. Is it me or are pastor & pastor's wife celebrations(fund raisers) garnering more effort/attention than, let's say, revivals?

    1. Oh no its not just you. I recently tweeted a pastor cuz our birthdays are on the same day BUT my party was free including food and drinks
      Her party was 150.00 AND she had a wish list for her was a live gift of at least 200.00 and up. And if you bought a table for 1500 she'd come and take pics with your table. BRING IT ALL DOWN LORD!

  2. V Williams, it isn't you. Their birthdays, anniversaries (wedding and ministry), Mothers and Fathers Day, Firstfruits, Easter and Christmas. Oh and don't forget when we send them to conventions, conferences and vacations.

  3. did he say he tried to help during katrina but in fact he got all his family and left in a jet. i don"t know i just think this when i see him


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