Question Of The Day?

Do you agree with the above church sign? I'm reading it but can't believe it... The lies are so bold in these last and evil days. Of course, we definitely come as we are, He accepts us where we are but there must be a "heart attitude adjustment" that does not allow us to stay as we are. Thoughts?


  1. Did Jesus HimSELF not say...marvel not yet MUST be born again?! Does the Bible not say in Revelations 21:8 who will have their part in the lake of fire?! Many of which are named on that sign??? You know what...anyone that enters those doors is in agreement with that crooked teaching and sadly may be lost. Jesus also said...Let them be, The blind leaders of the blind, they all will fall in the ditch. The leaders and attendees all lack a love for Truth and have closed eyes and shut ears syndrome. Much prayer is needed in these times we are in. These false teachers are running amok!

  2. You do realize that's not a real church sign. Besides, it only states what so many all ready believe.

  3. No different than what Kirk Franklin and Hezekiah Walker told R Kelly when he left the secular world and came to Christ. Because of their bad instructions stating that he could continue to do R&B and still be saved, the brother got worst, and even urinated on a young lady. Coming to Christ signals one thing, CHANGE.


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