Pastor Jamal Bryant Outraged Ledisi Was Snubbed By The Grammy!!

Pastor Jamal Bryant of the Empowerment Temple in Baltimore, Maryland, who once had invited R&B singer Ledisi to his church to speak and perform is outraged. Pastor Bryant posted to his Facebook page that he's outraged that the Grammys had asked Beyoncé to sing Precious Lord as a tribute to Selma‬ & not Ledisi from the soundtrack.

Now, I believe, Beyonce is a good entertainer and Ledisi is a great singerthere's a big difference here.  Ledisi in my opinion, should be singing that song. Now, I haven't seen "Selma" or heard Ledisi's version of "Precious Lord", but I doubt that Beyonce can do as wonderful of a vocal performance of this song as Ledisi can. I must admit I am a fan of Ledisi, but believe both can sing, but Ledisi is hands down the better vocalist. Ledisi, who was in "Selma", should be the one to sing this song onstage at the Grammys. I'm outraged, too!


  1. Excuse Me!! Why is a man of God upset that a non believer is not singing? First of all Ledisi is not a christian and therefore not equip to sing about God. You cant just sing songs without having a personal relationship with the giver of life itself. I am so tired of the church world making it acceptable that you just sing about a little Jesus then you are alright. Has anyone read God's Holy bible and asked Him what He wants from his body of Christ and did Pastor Jamel Bryant forget the word or does he make exceptions for talent and excuse lifestyles according scripture. Wake church we are in the last hour and God will apologize or amend his bible for sin no matter how famous you or non famous you are in life. The question is when you stand before God will he recognize you as His for a judgment day God does not ask for our resumes or credentials for how we lived for him on this earth.

    1. Anonymous I agree plus iIt's not right. And shame on the Academy and CBS. It seems that being a rich woman like Beyoncé can get you anywhere while talent like Ledisi is over looked.

  2. Beyonce is a good singer but Ledisi would definley kill that song many blessings!!

  3. Yall know this is not the first time the Grammy's have done this. Reunited with Peaches N Herb were sang by someone else while they were in the audience.

  4. People need to start running for their life from the empowerment temple!


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