Jesus Take The Wheel: Pediatrician Refuse To Treat Baby With 2 Moms!

To each his own, but this is wrong on so many levels. just stupid. I hope this doctor licence  is suspended. He's violating the Hippocratic Oath. And to forget that this doctor took that oath to only hide behind God afterwards is even more stupid.
 A doctor has come under fire from a lesbian couple for refusing treatment to their newborn daughter.


  1. I don't think the Hippocratic oath mentions anything about personal beliefs.

  2. Dear Bigot Doctor, Enjoy your practice withering away. Sincerely, the rest of the civilized world.

  3. He is free to refuse to care for them; in fact in this case it is probably for the best. Personally I disagree with his decision, but if he feels this way then he probably shouldn't treat them. As a patient it would make me uncomfortable.

  4. There is no way to do something like this and not come off looking like a complete idiot.
    I wonder if he refuses to treat illegitimate kids and kids of religions other than his own.

  5. And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. Eph 5:11

    If the baby needed emergency medical treatment, certainly. But if this Christian choses not to accept the money of unrepentful sinners and not to continue as if the way they are living is 'equally yolked' with the way she chooses to live she has the weight of the Text to support her. My God, what if pastors reproved people comfortable living in sin! But noooo...too much money at stake. Being a Christian isn't always a cake walk. Reprove the sin so that the sinner may be saved. such thing as two moms in God's eyes. We must be ever vigilant in employing a godly perspective lest all we see will be warped.

  6. So the good "CHRISTIAN" Doctor is knowledgeable enough to be against homosexuality,
    Not LOVING ENOUGH to want to check on the health of a child.

    Does she treat kids born out of wedlock,
    Who's parents are atheists
    Children of rape?

    Snatch that license and send her back to school (BIBLE SCHOOL)

  7. This issue is not the righteousness of the doctor but of the righteousness of the Word of God. Also, when a child is born of rape, that is due to the sins of the mother.

    1. Also, the doctor DID make sure the baby was seen at the scheduled time by a fellow pediatrician.

    2. Hmm V Williams and that's a "Christian" decision? I don't believe so. The child is innocent and deserving of treatment. The idea of a child born of rape is due to the sins of the mother is crazy.

    3. Definitely crazy. I corrected my entry. I'm writing from my phone. ;(

    4. Remember we all have different gifts and levels of maturity. Where many Christians could effectively work for Christ in that situation she could/would not.

      Nothing more annoying than a saint trying to do something they are not called or equip to do.

      She is scripturally correct. Someone may love God with the fervor of John but not be comfortable praying from the pulpit. Does this make them mean-spirited or less of a Christian? Of course not.

    5. I believe this is less about their LEVEL OF CHRISTIANITY and more about caring for people as Jesus did.

      The gay couple wasn't asking to get pregnant, or for a sex change. (Which I could totally understand not seeing them)

      They just wanted a doctor to make sure their child was healthy.

      I don't believe there is any sin in ensuring the health of a child REGARDLESS of the parents lifestyle.

      If Christians that are in the health care field (Which I am) are going to pick and choose who they treat based on what THEY DEEM SINFUL.

      Then we have truly lost the sprit of evangelism and have no concept of AGAPE LOVE.

  8. Love exist not in the propotiatian of sin but in the redirection of the sinner. Momentary discomfort on this side may lead to eternal salvation on the other.

  9. Just as I wouldn't beg to join an organization that wouldn't accept me I would not employ a doctor who would not accept me. Although I agree the doctor was wrong I also realize these women have a choice. Glad the word is getting out though. Maybe a lot of his patients will wake up and go elsewhere.

  10. Ms. Ann keep in mind that even a US Army doctor will operate on a wounded enemy soldier who moments before was killing Americans. Who is this doctor to maintain her stance when her objection is so less valid than the army doctor? Would the right wing crowd have the same support for a doctor who refused Christians, Jews, Republicans, conservatives, etc.?

  11. Remember, as Christians our opinions are born from the Bibles statutes. So whatever the Bible says, is what we say.

    We are to have tunnel vision and not let the world's drama influence our stand on the Word.


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