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Is Beyonce The Proof Needed That EVERYONE CAN'T sing CLASSIC GOSPEL music?

Sorry, but Beyonce does not have the voice for Classic Gospel. Folks on social media are taking Beyonce to task this morning for her god awful performance last night at the Grammys. Many are giving the performance a thumb down.  I don't have anything against Beyonce, but I too believe  her performance last night was simply lacking. Ledisi's should have performed the song plain and simple. Ledisi's voice is the best I've heard since Whitney Houston.

UPDATE: MUST READ! When “Precious Lord” Doesn’t Lead Home!
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  1. Ann I agree, unfortunately that Ledisi was not afforded the opportunity to be showcased at the Grammys. However that is the state of the entertainment industry. I mean, after all she did sing the song in the movie Selma. Why not have her perform it there??? Shunned by a popularity contest. Too bad.

    1. God wants to hear me sign his praise are you saying cause I don't hit every note I can't? I think God would call you a fool.

  2. Why is this of any concern for the Body of Christ? He is not in this, why should we be? What does it matter who has the voice to sing Gospel music. It's more important to have the heart to sing for our Lord. These people are mocking the Lord, but Jesus will put an end to all this foolishness.

    1. I hear you Anonymous, but Beyonce had no business trying to sing gospel because she don't have the voice nor the heart to pull it off just like she can't sing soul music for the same reason.IJS!

    2. I understand, but the point I'm trying to make is that this award show has nothing to do with Christ. Don't you think they knew Beyonce was not a great choice? I believe it was done on purpose. Everything was very well thought about and they knew that black people would be offended. They are mocking God, the church and black people. Can not understand why black people still want to be in the industry, they play with people like chess. Have we considered maybe what it "costs" to perform on that night? Maybe Ledisi didn't want to pay the "price", I don't know. But we are living in a dark world...

    3. Good points anonymous. Nothing is unplanned on these shows. It is in fact all very obviously calculated for a greater and darker agenda. They want us to see it as just singing and a celebration of the best of the industry, when that's only a small corner of a much larger pie.

  3. Off key from beginning to end, and I thought she was about to faint trying to squeeze out a teaspoon of emotion. I do not get the appeal of this chick.

  4. I saw Selma and Ledisi performance was unbelievable....breath taking!! Why they did not let her sing it at the Grammys makes me wonder! Beyonce did a ok job however Ledisi nailed it in the movie,it was a beautiful rendition of the song,that was made famous by New Orleans own,Mahalia Jackson! Beyonce and Ledisi are talented but Mahalia had a voice that could only have come from Heaven above!!!

  5. This is the one time Byonce should have said no. Ledisi should have sang the song period. With that said, I'm not mad at Bey for trying something new and stepping out of the box. That's what we all do in our careers, why should we xepect something different in Hollywood. How else do you learn and grow if you do not try new things.


    exactly one year ago.
    This same chick put on a burlesque type show to her sexually explicit song "Drunk in love" in a way to small leotard.

    Now she singing "Precious Lord"?!?!

    And next week she'll be back to gyrating, with almost no clothes on to another one of her profanity laden, sexually suggestive hits (dedicated to the Lord)


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