Fix It Jesus: Steve Harvey Under Fire For "I Don't Give A Damn About Slavery" Comment!

Steve Harvey is a comedian so how do you, the reader interpret the below video to mean? Some people are saying that it means more than it does, but it might also say that Harvey is promoting ignorance. He seems to be saying in the video that if you don’t understand something, you should avoid the conversation and walk away. In other words, be comfortable in your ignorance and pretend that it’s not there.

The biggest shocker is that Steve says that he doesn’t “give a damn about slavery.” Does that mean that none of us should give a damn about our ancestors who were beaten, raped, castrated, lynched, burned alive and had their families torn apart? Maybe ignorance isn’t the answer for black people. It might be something else. The craziest thing about Steve’s effort for comic relief is that this happens to be Black History Month. Is there nothing that black people are expected to do in order to make money?



  1. Bet he wont say I don't give a damn about the Jewish holocaust"!

  2. I remained open minded until I saw the clip. His answer was way off base. To say you don't care for slavery... What kind of?! Then I read some comments that defended the "joke" I have yet to hear any white comedians joke about the Jewish holocaust. Oh okay... How can you say something like that when it was those very slaves whose shoulders you're standing on to have what you have! You are not just representing yourself but also the heritage of your people. There is nothing funny about this.

  3. It's so funny that people will make a mockery of his answer. As much as he does for our communities, I don't think this video judges how he feels about slavery but yet how to get out of certain situations. Everybody don't like to talk about the past but yet what can we do to help our future generations. He has done just that. So take several sits and help somebody instead of talking about somebody.

  4. Ms. Ann, his response makes no sense in the context of the conversation. I don't understand what message, comical or otherwise, he's trying to make.Do you?

  5. Steve is a cross over Hollywood star now. That mean two things for an Afro-American in his position. One it mean distancing himself from his culture. The second thing is profiting from exploitation of his culture. He has become our teacher not our pier. And he is profiting from the fascination that white America has with black culture. He's successful working in white face.

  6. Why are we surprised? This is the same guy who had Paula Dean mentoring boys at his camp. I'm done.... ....drops mic

    1. I almost forgotten, about that Anonymous!

  7. It's distressing how a Black man with access to so many resources that could be used to enhance humanity chooses to take pride in his own ignorance. He even has the nerve to have his name on a book when it's obvious that he doesn't read much. Saying that "he don't care for slavery", is blatantly disrespectful to the millions of people who lived and died under the oppressive yoke of White "supremacy" and Jim Crow. What about the Civil Rights workers and demonstrators who fought to change the laws which make it possible for him to be on TV and radio instead of working on a plantation? A Black man who gets paid millions to flash his teeth and play "Step n' Fetch it", yet deplores the sacrifice made by others for his eventual benefit is nothing more than the modern day equivalent of a house negro. He credits all of his "success" his "master's" affinity and generosity. This "Barkley-esque" simpleton is in dire need of re-education.


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