Detroit Worker James Robertson Has Been Shown Favor!

God is good. And his warriors are well rewarded. Pray God blessing upon this man & the people who raised the money! Just to think he has been on the job for ten years & only making $10.55. The factory could have looked out for him, especially when you have a worker of his caliber, but us who been in this world long enough know how that goes. Also, troubling for me is to see this man's dedication, commitment and sacrifice are frowned upon in these last and evil days.

 A story about a Detroit man who commutes about 21 miles a day on foot to and from work has spurred a reaction from across the nation, including social media fundraisers that have netted more than $140,000 in donations as of 6:30 p.m. Monday. Because buses don't cover the full distance between James Robertson's home in Detroit and his job in Rochester Hills, he walks about eight miles headed to work and about 13 miles home, five days a week. His story — told by Bill Laitner in Sunday's Detroit Free Press.


  1. This is also an example of how the black church, no matter how big or small, has failed the black community. Along with the NAACP, Urban league, etc.

  2. Anonymous this does not have anything to do with the black church in my opinion.

  3. The black church has sucked billions from the black community, and you think this is not an issue?

  4. James was given, free of charge, a 2015 fully loaded Ford Taurus by a Detroit dealership, as reported by news stations and papers across the country today. God is good.


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