Death of a False Prophet, John Paul Jackson!

Lord, have mercy someone has written a blog entry calling the man who once had the gift of interpreting dreams a fake and false prophet. On Wednesday, February 18, 2015, international speaker, author and founder of Streams Ministries International in Flower Mound, Texas, John Paul Jackson, passed away due to medical complications.
"The man, John Paul Jackson, who I once took my dream interpretation training from has passed away. The man was a proven false teacher and false prophet, and I am floored and grieved at this news. And unless he repented and found the truth, he stood before God in judgement, without Christ. Unfortunately, his work in deceiving masses will continue. Please be aware of who you follow and test everything through the perfect teaching of the bible, which will never fail us."


  1. I had just written a letter to joni lambert telling her to be aware of this guy as a false prophet. I didn't know the Lord was going to be calling him on it that fast. These are the last days people. Take heed to how you hear. The Heavenly father has brought a deep sleep upon thee leaders of the church who are still not living according to the righteousness of our Lord in true holiness. They likewise shall perish

  2. My husband & I will be praying for you.

  3. I don't think praying for this false prophet will do him any good presently, and know Anonymous, that Joni Lamb has said he is one of her favorite people, so I seriously doubt it would behoove telling one false prophet of another. I do not listen to but a few TV personalities, small ones online, but look first at how deep their pockets are as well as Biblical. Rare is it that anyone who starts out with the Lord, will not be overcome by the money it takes in on TV. Sadly, he 'lives' still as I saw his show, Dreams and Mysteries, ON DAYSTAR, on the other night, and knowing he was dead, did this search on the way Joni and not so straight hubby have 'patched things up' as to keep the dough rolling in...I only saw them in flipping through looking for Lone stupid are some people? Hi Ho Silver is more Biblical.


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