Church Announcement: Preachers Of Detroit Main Purpose Is The Unchurched Audience Not The Church!

Apostle Stacey Woods, ask the following question via her Facebook page yesterday:
 Another question if you please, why would preachers want to showcase their shortcomings on national T.V.? I really don't get these reality shows that make all preachers look like hypocrites. It's embarrassing and it actually angers me. I won't be watching.
Bishop Corletta J. Vaughn answered with the following comment:
A soft answer turns away wrath.. so here's why I am on the show.. my story, my life includes my struggles.. in the context of Preachers of Detroit, the unchurched is our audience not the church... my story will help, heal, and my struggles will show how My Faith sustains through it all. Now, because the bible we both love is filled with human struggles, sin, mistakes, and we openly preach it all.. now the medium is television.. I don't understand why we shouldn't be as transparent as our biblical heroes. Open conversation...
I guess that makes sense!


  1. The show is for the UN CHURCHED???

    So you've got preachers arguing, bickering & acting a fool on television for people WHO DONT GO TO CHURCH?

    Your drive one hundred thousand dollar cars, wear expensive suits to fancy dinners with other preachers, and you have houses twice as big as anyone that attends your church.
    Is that showing the UN CHURCHED YOUR STRUGGLE and winning people to CHRIST or just showing off your opulent lifestyle.

    I think the show pulls back the curtains on how these pastors feel entitled.

    How out of touch they are with people.

    And how their self serving and self promoting has nothing to do with bringing people to CHRIST.

    1. Agreed. God is allowing all of it so we can see who these people really are. This is definitely not for the unchurched. We never saw Jesus or the apostles use such carnal, worldly means. This should be a wakeup call for the pew sitters paying tithes and offerings that go towards their salaries and Bentley car notes.... The Word says Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.

      Only a proud man would flash worldly possessions on national TV in one of the poorest cities in the country.

      Only a proud man would belittle others because of their perceived lowly stature in the "church hierarchy".

      The Son of Man had NOWHERE to lay His head. Paul was a tentmaker for Pete's sakes...and ate from his own pockets. The Apostles did not eat from the labor of others...they as to not hinder their reception of the Gospel. They also did not flex on the "lay members" (more unbiblical garbage terminology)!

      God is not mocked. Sow to the flesh... Reap fleshly rewards. They are getting their reward as we speak...praises of men.

  2. This show just revealed how stupid some of these "pastors" really are. Also, how much are the people in Detroit tithing & where are they getting the money from to tithe? Because some of those pastors had estates & cars that cost millions of dollars to maintain. How can they afford all of that off of tithing. The church folks in Detroit better start investing in themselves because those pastors are not looking out for them AT ALL!!!! I won't even get into the sexist issues!! I'm losing more and more respect for the religious people that we've been putting up on a pedastal for years!! The truth is being revealed.


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