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Fix It Jesus: When In The World Did James David Manning Became A Prominent Pastor?

In my opinion, these low ranking Negros pictures above are bought and paid for uncle toms. Nobody knows who they are nor what black community they represent. Also in my opinion, any time one can find David Manning among a group of supposedly prominent folks, you know ain't sh*t to that group.

I applaud the CBC for their stand and also think they are 100% correct for boycotting Netanyahu's right-wing speech.  Which has nothing to do with religion, I  might add. Are these same Negros preachers going to "school" the two Jewish congressmen who plan to boycott all so? I'll wait to see that! Source Here!

Mahalia Jackson Story To Hit The Silver Screen!

Bill Duke brings his years of talent and experience to direct and executive produce The Mahalia Jackson Story, a music biopic chronicling the life of the woman who rose from poverty and obscurity to become the world’s greatest gospel singer and a music icon and legend. Source:

Bishop Corletta J. Vaughn Is Leading The Charge For Clergy Women Rights Movement!

Well... Do you agree or disagree with "Preachers of Detroit" star Dr. Corletta Vaughn?

Back By Popular Demand: K I N G of K I N G S The Easter Production!

Back by popular demand, the popular Easter production "King of Kings" returns to Evangel Cathedral in March. This year's show will feature Grammy Award-winning artists Marvin Winans, Karen Clark-Sheard, Richard Smallwood and Lorraine Stancil.

If you always wanted to witness and experience the life of our Lord, Savior and King, Jesus Christ during the Easter season in a more real way. Then you need to make your way to the Evangel Multi Media and Arts Center in Upper Baltimore Maryland during the week of March 27-28.

This Easter Production is becoming a classic and is entertaining for audiences of all ages. "King of Kings" retells the power struggles, tensions and political hotbed that surrounded Jesus' life and times which ultimately led to His death, burial and resurrection. The drama is vividly portrayed through a cast of over 125 men, women & children, laser lights and dramatic imagery.
Source: The Examiners


Vicky Beeching is a former Christian music star and a popular religious commentator and media personality. Is urging faith leaders - regardless of their theology about LGBT relationships - to unite around ending homophobic hate crimes and addressing the heart-breakingly high levels of self-harm, homelessness and suicide among LGBT teens. Vicky has emerged as a leading voice for Christian acceptance of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

Church Announcement: Dr. Cindy Trimm Invites You To Kingdom School Of Ministry!

Dr Cindy Trimm is a 21st Century World Leader with a  track record as a revolutionary thinker and prolific communicator. She has established herself as one of the most respected and sought-after leaders in the world today.
As one of the leading voices of our time, she founded Cindy Trimm International (CTI), to bring practical solutions to spiritual and social ills; effecting change within our communities while transforming the course of our global destiny. 

RIP Def Jams’ Pastor JE Jones!

A major record executive with Def Jams and Uptown Records, Pastor James E. Jones A.K.A. PJ, died on Sunday, February 22, near Atlanta, Georgia.  Pastor J.E. Jones’ death and funeral were announced on Twitter and Facebook by his widow and co-pastor of his church, Caron Jones.  Pastor Jones made a name for himself in the `90s working with acts ranging from Mary J. Blige and Heavy D to serving as A&R chief for “The Nutty Professor” and “Rush Hour” motion picture soundtracks.

Over the last few years, he’s served as an Atlanta area pastor while also producing top tier gospel acts such as Mary Mary and Tye Tribbett. When Pastor J.E. Jones was a part of Def Jams Records, it was headed by co-founders Rick Rubin and Russell Simmons — but there is no online evidence of formal condolences from his former bosses. Regardless, this does not mean that the music industry forgot about Pastor J.E. Jones after he retired from Rap and R&B to focus on Gospel music.

Jesus Take The Wheel: Pastor Yvonne Capeheart Says She Was Called To The Show SexBox By God!

How wicked! The racy new show called "Sex Box" is where a mix of gay, straight, married, and unwed couples enter a sound proof box on a set in front of a panel of judges and a live audience, then they give details to three "sexperts.   I'm really disappointed to see Dr Yvonne Capeheart participating in this talk show. The marketing enlists several types of sexual relationships that are not of Christian foundational instruction.

One of the "S E X P E R T S" Pastor Yvonne Capeheart told CBN News she was called to the show by God. The God of the Bible did not call this sister to watch people have sex and then comment on it or "counsel" them afterward.  I  Wonder how much money it took to change her mind?

Death of a False Prophet, John Paul Jackson!

Lord, have mercy someone has written a blog entry calling the man who once had the gift of interpreting dreams a fake and false prophet. On Wednesday, February 18, 2015, international speaker, author and founder of Streams Ministries International in Flower Mound, Texas, John Paul Jackson, passed away due to medical complications.
"The man, John Paul Jackson, who I once took my dream interpretation training from has passed away. The man was a proven false teacher and false prophet, and I am floored and grieved at this news. And unless he repented and found the truth, he stood before God in judgement, without Christ. Unfortunately, his work in deceiving masses will continue. Please be aware of who you follow and test everything through the perfect teaching of the bible, which will never fail us."Source:

Donnie McClurkin's Radio Success Leads To OnLine TV Show.

On SUNDAY, MARCH 15th Donnie MCCLURKIN will venture into new territories, he'll launch an online television show designed to showcase the next generation of powerful music ministers. 'DONNIE NEXT' is scheduled to tape that day at B.B. KING BAR & GRILL in TIMES SQUARE. The show will feature live performances, interviews, and opportunities for audience and viewers to take part in real-time voting during the 'LISTENER CHOICE segment.' The taping will be open to the public and tickets can be purchased at B.B. King Bar & Grill. Source: 

Does Branding, Marketing And The Church Belongs Together?

So, am I the only one to think that the church shouldn’t market itself? Meaning the church shouldn’t use deceptive tactics or dishonest methods and shouldn’t misrepresent itself to get people in the door. According to the internet, the Christian Embassy Worship Center is the place to be for the 2015 STELLAR AWARD WEEKEND.  Veteran industry executive Greg “Uncle G” Lyons along with the Mary's sister Goo Goo Atkins will "showcase" the latest gospel music talent.

Pastor's Wife Fined For Praying Too Loud!

Martha Nagbe, a Liberian immigrant, has been fined $150 for ‘unnecessary noise’ in Lisbon, North Dakota. Neighbors complain ‘they have been woken up and she is standing outside of their houses shouting. It's not that she just walks by, but she will stand out there for a lengthy period of time,’ police chief Jeanette Persons said. Source:

Pastor Allegedly Assaulted Grieving Woman!

A pastor sexually battered a woman in his home while counseling her after the death of her father, the alleged victim claims in court. Kadijah Davis sued Nathaniel Small, Jr., Barbara Small, and Greater Friendship Baptist Church, in Chatham County State Court. The plaintiff, who lives in Savannah, claims Nathaniel Small sexually battered her in the home he shares with his wife Barbara.

As pastor of Greater Friendship Baptist Church, Small offered counseling services to church members and others, according to the complaint. After Small conducted the funeral service for plaintiff's father in January 2013, he offered to provide "bereavement or grief counseling" to plaintiff, who was not a member of his church, she claims in the lawsuit. The counseling sessions took place in Small's home, at his wife's request, Davis says. Source: Courthouse News

Has The Black “Gospel” Music Industry Flatlined?

Well written article we have over here. I feel the exact same way as the writer of this article. My list of Gospel artists has dwindled down to a small remnant. It's a shame how so much is tainted and not of God but yet presented as if it is from God. Great read!

Christian Publisher Cancels Author’s Book Deal After He Comes Out Queer!

Fix it Jesus, A Christian book publisher has scrapped an author’s book deal – after he came out as queer. Evangelical writer Brandan Robertson had signed a deal last year for Destiny Image to publish his book, ‘Nomad: Not-So-Religious Thoughts On Faith, Doubt, and the Journey In Between’. However, after Mr Robertson appeared in a TIME article last month in which he identified himself as queer, the publisher approached him with “concerns” about his “media attention”.
Source: Pink News

Should Women Be Featured Speakers At Men Conferences??

Lord have mercy the debates among some Christians about women’s roles in the church and home still rages on. This past Friday through Sunday, a Men's Weekend "Under Construction" conference was held at Reid Temple AME Church.  And Pastor Riva Tims had the honor of being one of the one's ministering to the MEN of Reid Temple. And of course everyone not on the same page when it come to women speaking to men in a church setting.  What do you think should more women be featured speakers at all men conferences?

Also, the other featured speakers were, Bishop Rudolph McKissick, Jr., Bishop David G. Evans, Rev. Bill Lee, Bishop Eric Freeman, Rev. Dr. Walter Malone, Rev. Tony Boone and Rev. Tony Lee.

Church Announcement: Fans and Followers Bishop Paul S. Morton Will Host "Praise the Lord" Tuesday!


CONGRATULATIONS To Common And John Legend For Their Win At The Academy Awards.

Congratulations John Legend and Common for taking home the Academy Award for "Best Original Song" for "Glory." They delivering a moving speech that deserved a hand clap of praise.

And according to Father Michael Pfleger COMMON will be speaking with that same fire power at St. Sabina Church on Friday March 20.

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley Agrees To Follow The Law Of The Land!

Lord have mercy, the governor of Alabama, has come under fire for his stance. The governor who also serves as a deacon and Sunday school teacher at First Baptist Church Tuscaloosa, says that he will obey the recent federal court ruling striking down the state’s Sanctity of Marriage Act as being unconstitutional.

Gov. Robert Bentley told Politico on Friday while attending a meeting of the National Governor’s Association in Washington, D.C. that he believes he must obey the courts even if he disagrees with them personally.

Alabama’s Sunday School Teacher Governor: I Will Obey ‘Gay Marriage’ Ruling Over God’s Law

Church Announcement: Preachers Of Detroit Main Purpose Is The Unchurched Audience Not The Church!

Apostle Stacey Woods, ask the following question via her Facebook page yesterday:
 Another question if you please, why would preachers want to showcase their shortcomings on national T.V.? I really don't get these reality shows that make all preachers look like hypocrites. It's embarrassing and it actually angers me. I won't be watching.Bishop Corletta J. Vaughn answered with the following comment:
A soft answer turns away wrath.. so here's why I am on the show.. my story, my life includes my struggles.. in the context of Preachers of Detroit, the unchurched is our audience not the church... my story will help, heal, and my struggles will show how My Faith sustains through it all. Now, because the bible we both love is filled with human struggles, sin, mistakes, and we openly preach it all.. now the medium is television.. I don't understand why we shouldn't be as transparent as our biblical heroes. Open conversation... I guess that makes sense!

Bishop E.W. Jackson Want The Negro To Forget About The Past!

According to the Christian News Wire, Wednesday, February 25th at 7 PM in the Congressional Auditorium of the Capitol Visitors Center, Bishop E.W. Jackson will host a National Reconciliation Service entitled REKINDLE THE DREAM.
"We cannot allow the future of our country to be mired in the politics of racial division," says the Bishop. "We need a new generation of spiritual and legislative leaders who will bring us together." In my opinion, this man is a con artist, that's profiting off of right wing hysteria. By no means would I support this foolishness. He isn't a threat to progress or justice. He's just an embarrassment to the church.

Congratulations Bishop and Elder Long on receiving a 2015 Spirit of Excellence Award!

(ATLANTA, GA – February 21, 2015) All roads lead to 2101 Northlake Parkway in Tucker, Georgia as E3 Magazine presents its 4th Annual Spirit of Excellence Awards. This black tie celebration recognizes admirable leaders who have established and nurtured excellence in 16 professional genres.The categories awarded include faith, business, politics, entertainment, and humanitarianism, among others. In addition, there will a male Spirit of Excellence awardee and a female Elite Lady awardee.

This year’s honorees include 100 Black Men CEO John Grant; Urban League of Atlanta CEO Nancy Flake Johnson; CEO of TWD, INC. Thomas Dortch; Former President Columbus Georgia NAACP Edward DuBose; Internet Business Strategist Chris Curtis Crawford; DeKalb County Judge Tangela Barrie; Founder of Life Center Ministries Dr. Mary Crum; Assistant Principal - Bibb County School District Dr.Carmalita Jones Dillard; Grammy, Dove and Stellar Winning singer/songwriter Billy Dorsey; Renowned Dj Spinderella;…

LaTrossica Wilson Has Opened The Door For Other Sexual Abused Girls To Come Out Of The Closet!

Lord have mercy, this young lady has been silent long enough. This coming Wednesday night onThe Thaddeus Matthews Show he will showcase  a young woman who has written a book describing how her uncle and her father raped her as a child. Her father which is pictured is a Memphis pastor in C.O.G.i.C.

The woman will describe in detail how her preacher/daddy raped her and how she was raped several times by her uncle. Don't miss it Wednesday nite on Comcast 31 from 7-9 pm.

LaTrossica Wilson said it didn't take 20yrs to tell what happened to her, it took 20yrs for her to go public about what happened to her. Her prayers are that any other child or adult dealing with the unhappiness, low self-esteem, secrets, nightmares, bad relationships, fear, etc. .... SPEAK OUT! Good for her!

How Can Anyone Take Franklin Graham Seriously As A Minister?

Lord have mercy, in my opinion, Franklin Graham is one of the most harmful, damaging, destructive, pernicious faux Christian Dominionists in the nation, who isn’t yet done destroying his father’s legacy.  For him, being Christian is all about business and prestige and not about Jesus Christ. Graham, who is one of the self-appointed spokespeople for the right wing of the Republican party sure have been busy (google him) lately.

In my opinion, his mission is to spread hate and division between faiths, period so that his brand of Christianity will triumph in Dominion over all the world. If the president helps protect Muslims, then he must be denounced because it interferes with Franklin's power march.  Bigotry is terrible, whether religious or racial. The would-be heir to Billy Graham’s white evangelical dynasty keeps marching on.

A Former Member Of The Gospel Group O'Landa Draper And Associates Found Dead!

The Church of God In Christ and Shelby County Schools are mourning the death of Barron McGlothin after Police found the fourth-grade teacher early Friday morning dead in his car in an abandoned parking lot. The 53-year-old McGlothin's tan Cadillac Escalade was still running when police spotted it at Pendleton and Ketchum. Mr. McGlothin taught fourth grade at the Brownsville Road Optional School. He was also a former member of the gospel group O'Landa Draper  and Associates. COGIC Bishop, Brandon Porter of Greater Community Temple called him a faithful and loyal member of the church and releases a statement on the passing of Baron McGlothin.

2015 Top 150 Influential Women Of Church Of God In Christ!

Do you know a woman of God that inspires, encourages, is an example to those around her and uses her influence for good? If so, nominate her for COGIC'S 150 Influential Women.
ELIGIBILITY:  The nominated woman must be a current member of The Church Of God In Christ, in good standing with her pastor, and active in one or all of the following areas: local church, district, jurisdiction or national church.

Question: "Is there a difference in the function between a ‘minister’, a ‘preacher’ and a ‘pastor’?”

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan answers the above question on his Facebook page:

 "Well, some preachers are more evangelical than pastoral. An evangelist is one who preaches The Gospel with the spirit and fire of The Gospel, spreading The Gospel; and you will see thousands coming to these great evangelical preachers. But after one has accepted Christ, then the next thing is to nurture them into Christ Consciousness and Christian Living. So the pastoral side of it is the more difficult side, because now you’re dealing with the weaknesses and strengths of the person who wants to be a good Christian."

 Good food for thought!!

Megachurch Pastor's Defamation Suit Against Son Advances!

According to Courthouse News Service, Fathers don't sue their stepsons for defamation every day. Even less often do pastors of large churches in California's Central Valley sue their stepsons for what they term a "cyber-bully hate campaign." But Bob Grenier, the senior pastor at Calvary Chapel in Visalia, Calif. - and an author and Christian radio host - did exactly that.

Grenier and his wife Gayle sued Alex Grenier, Gayle's son from a previous relationship and whom Grenier raised from the age of three, for defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress after Alex created a website detailing his life with Pastor Bob.

Church Announcement: God Still Hate These Seven Things!

LYING WITNESS WHO GIVES FALSE TESTIMONY - 6th of(Seven Things GOD Hates) Bearing "false witness" means telling lies about an innocent party. You don’t know or understand the truths of God, but are spreading around untruths to others and not allowing them the right to grow.

I came across some disturbing stuff on social media earlier today.  One thing I have learned in this thing call life.... When folks show you that they are "morally corrupt" you best believe them.  The seven most hated things by God are the sins that deal with the deep heart motives of the individual. The writer of Proverbs points the finger straight at our hearts and our sinful thought processes. Some folks are just nasty!

Jesus Take The Wheel: Pediatrician Refuse To Treat Baby With 2 Moms!

To each his own, but this is wrong on so many levels. just stupid. I hope this doctor licence  is suspended. He's violating the Hippocratic Oath. And to forget that this doctor took that oath to only hide behind God afterwards is even more stupid.
A doctor has come under fire from a lesbian couple for refusing treatment to their newborn daughter.

Lawd Have Mercy Is There An Agenda Under Foot To Weaken The Blackman?

Do you believe there’s an agenda to make black men effeminate? Is the government and other people working to destroy the black man image in America? Black men in drag, dressed as women is nothing new, but to see black men strutting down a fashion runway dress as women's, is a sight to see. Is this a new tool?

Prancing Elites: Gay, Black Men Get TV Show After Being Banned From College Dancing.

Prancing Elites is a group of young, gay, black men. But they are much more than that. The group practices J-Setting, a new form of dance.

Get Out Of Here: Rob Bell Says Churches Are Seconds Away From Embracing Homosexuality!

Rob Bell and his wife, Kristen, talked about marriage during a Valentine's weekend episode of Oprah Winfrey's "Super Soul Sunday" television show. The former Mars Hill Bible Church pastor made it clear that his advice applies also to gay marriage. Here's an excerpt from the show that aired Sunday, Feb. 15.

 "One of the oldest aches in the bones of humanity is loneliness," Rob Bell said. "Loneliness is not good for the world. Whoever you are, gay or straight, it is totally normal, natural and healthy to want someone to go through life with. It's central to our humanity. We want someone to go on the journey with."

 Rob Bell on gay marriage: 'We're moments away' from church embracing it.

Fix It Jesus Ash Wednesday For The Sinners!

Where are the Christians? Today is AshWednesday‬, which mean 40 days of ‎Lent‬ sacrifices begin today. Are you giving up anything? If so, W H A T? Does this day ring a bell in your spiritual life? If so, W H Y?

According to tradition, now that the parties, the gluttony, and the drunken chaos that was yesterday is over, people are suppose to somehow stumble their way into a church, get ashes smeared on their foreheads, and all that was done is supposed to be forgiven? Does some one want to explain to me what I'm missing? No, I sincerely want to know why we preserve traditions that seem to separate us from and contradict the word of God. I promise...I really want to know.

Jesus Take The Wheel: The Death List For 2015!!

Lawd have mercy the devil is a liar. There's a site that predicts the death of people they feel will die in 2015. The death list site contains 50 celebrities that it considers most likely to die this year. The list for this year includes Billy Graham, George Bush SR, Chuck Berry, etc... How in the world can people go round listing people on a list, then crossing them off as if they are simply tallying up a score? Death and life are in the power of the tongue.  What do y'all think about a site like this crazy or not?

Mardi Gras 2015: Should Christians Celebrate?

To all of my Mardi Gras celebrating Christian readers... Can you tell me in the comment section below, W H Y  you celebrate this holiday? Mardi Gras (also called “Carnival” in many countries) is a time of unrestrained merrymaking, in which participants passionately indulge every fleshly desire.

Celebrated predominantly in Roman Catholic communities in Europe and Latin America, pre-Lenten carnivals are spreading in the U.S. Some of the most famous celebrations occur in New Orleans, Louisiana; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago; Nice, France; and Cologne, Germany.

 I'm not here trying to judge nor criticize or condemn  anyone, but I was taught in the old school long ago that this holiday is something that Christians should have no part in.  I just want to know, W H Y do Christians celebrate Mardi Gras?

Fix It Jesus: "Married Christian Couples Who Don't Practice 'missionary' Sex Will End Up In Hell"

Lawd have mercy, A Nigerian pastor based in the United Kingdom, Olugbenga Oladejo has said married Christian couples who engage in different sex positions practiced today will go to hell. Oladejo who pastors Complete In Christ Church (CICC), in the United Kingdom claims he was shown a vision by Jesus Christ of what will happen to Christian couples who end up in hell.

In the fifteen-minute video, posted here, Pastor Oladejo who quoted Isaiah 33:14, claimed he was shown a section in hell by an Angel of God where he saw people chopped in bits and pieces on a slab by demons as a form of punishment.