Why The Country Trying To Shape Homosexuality Out To Be A Black Church Thing?

Dr. Boyce Watkins posted the following eye opening comment to his Facebook page:

 I just read that Lee Daniels, a producer for the show, "Empire" wants to use the show to expose homophobia in black America. So, I ask my dear brother, are there not also white people who are uncomfortable with homosexuality? Why are we somehow shaping this out to be a black church thing, when the entire Republican Party is uncomfortable with homosexuality too?

When whites feel a certain way about gay marriage, it's a political view. When black people express the same objections, it's some kind of pathology, ignorance or mental illness. That's just stupid. Personally, I don't care one way or the other about gay marriage (I'm not gay, and believe everyone should be treated with kindness), and I don't go to church. But it's interesting to observe how this debate is shaping up. It's truly sad to watch. 
Do you agree?


  1. To each his own. I am offended though when the gay rights movement is compared to the black civil rights movement. When a guy who the last person drafted in the last round is compared to Jackie Robinson. A milti sports star who was the greatest athlete of his generation. Lee Daniels has BIGGER PROBLEMS in American society being a black man period. Then he does being a GAY black man.

  2. In my opinion most of the conservative folks in various ethnic groups are homophobic. Blacks seem to be the easy target.

  3. I think its because it's a well known fact that the black community has always been able to lean on the black church for support & emotional healing. But black gays don't have that luxury. With HIV infections and deaths being so high among gay blacks, there is an obvious need for more support. The white church, especially the Catholic church, was targeted too back in the 90's when the AIDS rates among white men was extremely high. While most churches have not changed their position on gays, the white gays have managed to build a support system & gain wide acceptance outside of the church. More white parents accept their gay kids and more black parents side with the church and offer no support to their gay kids.

  4. I'm sorry but Lee Daniles doesn't have to expose the homophobia in every culture, that would be ridiculous and tedious. Being that he is a black man, it would only make sense that he shows how the people in his ethnic group are homophobic. Not every person of color is afraid or disgusted by homosexuality but it IS very clear that a good portion is. Every time I see a popular Facebook post about "Scandal" or "How to get away with murder" many blacks complain about the gay scenes. Lee Daniels never said we're the only cultural group that's homophobic, he's just addressing this particular group.

  5. Most people have never actually read what Lee Daniels said and therefore have decided he is pushing a white-driven gay agenda. If you take the time to read the interview instead of commenting on he said she said, you would see he was talking about how black homophobia has led to gay black men staying on the down low, which is killing the black community because they are giving HIV to black women and children and so he wants to kill
    Homophobia to stop killing our women and children. Here is some of the article: “When I did ‘Precious’ I had to do research on AIDS in the ’80s so I went to the Gay Men’s Health Crisis Center in New York City, and I expected to see gay men, and there were nothing but African American women and babies with HIV. And that blew me away,” Daniels recalled.

    Daniels laid the blame squarely on what he referred to as the “rampant” homophobia in the black community — specifically, the phenomenon of men secretly engaging in gay sex because of the stigma.

    “Homophobia is rampant in the African American community, and men are on the DL. They don’t come out, because your priest says, your pastor says, mama says, your next-door neighbor says, your homie says, your brother says, your boss says [that homosexuality is wrong],” Daniels said. “And they are killing African American women. They are killing our women. So I wanted to blow the lid off more on homophobia in my community.”

  6. I remember the past Precious interview.. Lee Daniels " the renowned director and creator of the new Fox Network television series titled “Empire,” offended many when he compared his observation of a local AIDS/HIV crisis center to that of a welfare office due to the number of Black women and children present. “When I was doing the research for ‘Precious,’ I walked into the Gay Men’s Health Crisis Center in New York City expecting to see — studying AIDs/HIV — and I expected to see a room full of gay men,” Wow, such respect for Black women. (sarcasm insert) That's the full gist of what Lee Daniels said back when. He is making dramatizations.generalization off his own community to help his brand. The issue is there, especially in the rural areas.. but I am not buying his sincerity.

  7. Black Americans are notoriously ignorant and easily fooled, white folks have always been aware of this. Black people need to learn how to critically think about their situation and devise strategies to counter these attempts by the establishment to link anything negative to black folks.


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