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Is This Event Like A Step Towards The One World Religion??

Reader thanks to Forerunner Chronicles Christopher Hudson for this post. What are your thoughts on this event? Forty plus speakers from around the world and across the streams of Christianity as they gather to seek the Lord for Unity and Revival as Jesus prayed in John 17, 'so the world will know him'.

What Is One To Do If God Don't Send You A Husband By The Age Of 40? Do Like Yasmin Eleby Marry Yourself!

Lord have mercy, stop blocking the blessings.  I'm really scratching my head on this one. It's one thing to love yourself... But to actually marry; as in walk down the aisle by yourself is a tad different. In my opinion,  she could have blocked someone from actually coming into her life with all this wasted energy on "marrying herself" plan.

 Is it really that hard to find a mate? Do you see this becoming a trend? Yasmin Eleby was a beautiful bride who married herself.


  1. Apparently Ann, this is already a trend. I just did a search and there are many articles about this. A man married himself also. http://weeklyworldnews.com/headlines/24040/woman-marries-herself/. If you follow Wikipedia, there is even a definition: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Self-marriage. As a christian I am of the firm belief that this is demonic and is going against God's word concerning marriage: where the two become one. Lord help us.

  2. We got to trust the Lord at ALL times. I'm 36, staring at yet another birthday around the corner. The only thing I ever wanted and dreamed of was marriage and family. In this world and in the church people talk about chasing your dreams and doing what you always dreamed of. And "what is the 'vision' God has given you for your life?". All this stuff makes it really hard when the only thing has been something that you must wait on the Lord for. Yes, there are some people who don't wait. They go after every man or woman that they have the slightest interest in. And although I'm not supposed to hide in a corner somewhere "waiting on God" I'm also not going to be chasing every single guy in my path. Focusing on that does not help me keep my focus on the Lord. It just causes more discontentment. I have purposed in my heart to wait upon the Lord, I will not be marrying myself.

    1. COGBF, Does God Promise You a Spouse?


    2. We need Jesus of course she didn't find who she were looking for.. A husband... Cause God wasn't in her plan.. She gave up hope and loss faith... She made this her idol instead of God... Chose God and he will see u through from there... This is just wow.. We need Jesus cause the world is so jacked up... Whether this site is real of fake just thoughts like this is WOW.

  3. I am debating which is worse.

    The fact that people MARRY THEMSELVES.


    That they have family, and friends actually attending & supporting this wedding.

    Let's say this woman meets someone in the near future.
    What does she say?

    Sorry, I am in a committed relationship WITH MYSELF.

    I Can't date anyone outside of my own body, we're married.

    Step off player, can't you see I am with my spouse? ME!!!

    I can't divorce myself and marry you, it's cheaper to keep me.

    1. Cop very disturbing! But I did remember Prophetess Bynum was doing the same thing years ago.

  4. She took the saying "I don't need a man" very literally lol

  5. Ok......just fed up. First bridges then came animals and not it's self? Well Jesus was right. We are in the last days

  6. My God, she had Brides maids ..... Her friends ain't Ish. Lol. Plus I can't believe her mother gave her away..and her sisters were part of it too.

  7. In my opinion, she is a pretty lady but, because of this stunt she has scared off any good man with sense.

  8. Ridiculous wow marrying yourself???

  9. I can't with this. This screams "I've been hurt". She could've found a positive outlet for that energy. There are tons of good men out here. Makes me wonder what she's putting in the atmosphere.

  10. Ann It makes me wonder if she is stuck in the idea that her IDEAL man has to be a certain color. So many of our folks think that their husband has to have the same skin color as they do. THAT thinking right there is the reason why so many people lose out on the blessing of a union with another person. Because they are so focused on THEIR ideal person and not GODS Ideal person for them. THAT is when this type of FOOLISH behavior happens.

  11. I think people need to stop taking marriage so seriously. it's not the end of the world if you don't get married. In fact, you might be better off without a spouse. You can still procreate, raise a family, and do everything you want without a spouse.

  12. To each his/her own but this is crazy. I want and desire a man just as God intended.

  13. We all know this is not a legally binding contract, so if the right man comes along I'm hopeful that she will be able to choose appropriately.

    Perhaps the " marriage" is more of a statement than anything else. An affirmation to be true to oneself. We don't know her story, but we do know part of Juanita Bynum's. If they were anything alike, then maybe she needed to make it known to everyone and before God. Maybe she is tired of giving herself, time, money, body, and spiritual energy to men who do not appreciate what she has to offer. Maybe this is a time of celibacy and self reflection. Maybe this has nothing to do with RELIGION at all!

    Loving yourself first and knowing who you are is so important to finding the right person to marry. Maybe, just maybe, this is her way of being true to who she wants to be.

    Some people have sweet sixteen parties, fabulous forty and etc. She married herself. Who cares. Now if she can find a man that gives her reason to "divorce" herself and join with him, then maybe he'll be worth it.

    My 2 cents...

  14. So... is she gonna divorce herself when she finds someone?


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