The Daniel Plan Marketing Scheme For Gullible Christians?!?!?

Lord, have mercy somebody has called Pastor Rick Warren out for his latest marketing scheme. "The Church Store of Laodicea"  Rick Warren is raking in millions of dollars selling Daniel Plan bracelets, running gear, recipes, and DVDs without actually basing any of it on the scripture he steals from the bible to do it.

I know all about the Daniel plan in the Bible. Daniel’s actual plan in the bible had very little to do with fasting and everything to do with being obedient to God.  My old church was doing it back in the day and are, still doing it today. Personally, don't have a problem with the idea of fasting in praying for the best. But, it's the marketing that I frown on.  I understand that Pastor Rick Warren, is marketing this as a health plan/program which isn’t bad for Christians in any way. But honestly, I believe scriptural the Daniel Plan is taken out of the context of the Daniel story and is marketed  with a false premise.

The question is do Christians just trust the pulpit too much and Satan uses that trust to mislead many into supporting all this foolishness?


  1. Man yall b giving old Ricky boy a hard time on this blog lol

  2. Yeah bc that Tares/Wheat video u senr the link to destroyed him calling him all types of bad lol honestly I dont have a problem w his theology.

    1. Anonymous I had posted the link because that's where I saw the article posted.

  3. Rick Warren is just another false prophet that teaches gross error peddling Gods word for profit. Christians need to wake up the hour is getting late read your bible and let Gods word be true an every man a liar. Loose your preconceived Ideas because satan has infiltrate the church through many preachers like Rick Warren. The deception out there is great and only with the Holy Spirit will you be able to see. A lot of christians are lacking the Holy Spirit and they cannot recognize the truth when it hit them right in the head. Their eyes are tightly closing because they are looking to a man for answers instead of the word of God. We must intercede for each other because it really gonna get tough out there but it going to produce Sons in Gods image and bring us to maturity. Satan cannot stop it. We win. We that have the Holy Spirit have a sacred annointing and know all truth. The world is being prepared to embraces the antichrist now. It's going to be possible for Gods chosen and elect to be deceive by the antichrist. Look at how many born again christians that are already deceived by Pope France's let alone Catholics.


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