Question: What Kind Of Grade Would You Receive If Your Current Church Evaluate You Based On Their Records?

Evaluations are not evil things in themselves, shoot, a good evaluation process can help a person grow and develop. But,  when the church world does it, it can take on a whole different meaning. The above pic and the below comment was posted in one of my Facebook groups:

Here is a letter of transfer of membership of an individual (someone I know) of a particular congregation. Here you will see directly how people are valued by what they give and also look at the inconsistency with (attendance and participation) and giving and (leadership and participation). Certain parts are hidden for identification sake. Thoughts. Lol! He started to question the system and how it treated people and for his last three months gave the money he called 'tithe' to the needy in the church. He has never missed tithing for the 12 years he's been there and look at evaluation. He now with a different group of believers who worship together and has stopped tithing etc. He is now more liberated to work for God.

What are your thoughts about church report cards? What do you think about this member evaluation score, considering this person has been a member of this church since 2004?


  1. Ridiculous, but not uncommon nor unexpected from a corporation doing business as a church.

  2. I would get a "W" for withdrawl! Because I'd be soo gone from any church that pulls some foolishness like this.

  3. Notice it says nothing about God or this individual's character here...only what he did as evaluated by this "church" in his service to them.

    The Word of God is the only standard we should be judged by.
    The Word is the only standard that our actions should be measured by.
    When we as mere men make the rules and determine the standard, we leave a gaping space for error and unfairness. This is more disgusting foolishness.

    Furthermore (climbs back on soapbox)...
    We do not belong to any membership but the ONE body of Christ, thereby negating the need for such frivolous proceedings! He doesn't need a review or permission to fellowship with other believers elsewhere!!

    These people are out of control lol! Plucking, controlling and claiming the sheep of Gods pasture as if they belong to them. Hmph.
    ****End Rant****

    He comes to church
    Takes part in activities
    Pays tithes
    And likes to talks in front of people from the pulpit.

    Tell me if he is good to his wife, and taking care of his kids
    (He should be the HUSBAND of ONE WIFE)

    Show me that he is preaching because loves The Lord and wants everyone to know Christ, instead of preaching because of the fame and nice cars he sees on Preachers of L. A.
    (Not greedy for money)

    Prove he has been level headed in trying situations
    and not fly off the handle and beat his wife, or making foolish prophecies that NEVER come true.
    (Should be of SOBER MIND)

    These are the things that should of concern(Found in 1 Timothy 3) not a list of kindergarten rules made to look like church doctrine NOT FOUND IN THE BIBLE.

  5. Resell let me flip the script a minute because "church members" do it to pastors all the time. Being evaluated on how anointed they are (anointed=entertaining), do you do what we tell you to, to you boost our image. All of these things shouldn't be! Think about that....Selah ........

  6. A few typos (iPad). That should read "well let me..." and "do you boost..."


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