Question Of The Day: What Does God’s Word Say About Our Past Sins And Wrongs?

Guilty conscience - remorse caused by feeling responsible for some offense. There are two types of guilt: genuine guilt and false guilt. Genuine guilt arises after a real violation of one’s moral beliefs. In our case as Christians, it arises after a real violation of God’s biblical tenets and principles.  
 I've noticed in the news lately a number of celebrities, who professes to be Christians, are confessing now a feeling of guilt about having an abortion in their past.  If guilt for past wrongs is still tormenting a "Believer"can it mean that that person has chosen to embrace their own perspective over the matter instead of God’s perspective?

 Last year Toni Braxtion confessed that an abortion that happen almost fifteen years ago, still haunts her today.  She was brought up in a strict Christian home, so she knew what she’d done was wrong. R&B singer Toni Braxton wrote about the great guilt she felt after having an abortion in her memoir called Unbreak My Heart. Before she and Keri Lewis were married, she found out she was pregnant with his child. She was taking a medication that could affect her baby, but says she decided to abort more for convenience.

In this month Rolling Stone magazine, rapper Nicki Minaj who also holds the banner of being a Christian reveals that she too also had an abortion and feels guilty about it.  “I thought I was going to die,” she said. “It was the hardest thing I have ever gone through. . . It has haunted me all my life.” She even raps about it on her new album, Pinkprint in the song “All Things Go”.

Sherri Shepherd, an ex-host of "The View "who is also of the Christian faith, once said in an interview that she's had numerous abortions. And that, she says that she didn't begin to change her promiscuous behavior until she became a Christian.

Duck Dynasty Wife Lisa Robertson Regrets Her Abortion Every Day. She too had an abortion as a troubled teenager and says she regrets it every day.


  1. I was 18 when I got pregnant. At three months pregnant I had an abortion. About 10 years later I was listening to a Christian radio broadcast. It described an unborn child during an abortion procedure. It talked about the baby’s frantic attempts to escape the tools of the abortionist and how the child’s heartbeat accelerated as it sensed apparent danger. My heart broke. I was so overcome with grief. How could I have taken the life of my unborn child? I since have found out and embrace the fact that God do forgive me for my past!

    1. There is no sin that God cannot forgive. Whether you have had an abortion or know someone struggling with the possibility of having an abortion, there is room for forgiveness. The Bible is clear that God will forgive sin, and He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to die for that sin.

  2. Every Christians do not believe that abortion is wrong,and because of their belief the act of abortion is not murdering an unborn baby. While people do argue the point of conception and the viability of a fetus, and to some there is no doubt that the Bible does condemn the taking of another person’s life. Thus, the question of whether or not abortion is wrong depends on whether or not you believe aborting a fetus is murder.

  3. At my church it is often said that God has more grace than there is sin. There is therefore now no condemnation unto them that are in Christ. So to each and everyone, go forward in peace, and let the peace of God be your guide.


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