Question For Pastor Perry Stone?

The below video was taken at Pastor Perry Stone's Church and is gathering a lot of attention.   Some folks say we're pretty sure this isn't a Christian form of worship. In fact, it resembles the type of worship used for the Golden Calf. But, this time the Golden Calf has been replaced with a replica of the Ark of the Covenant. I think this is total deception to take the this out of context, and then teach young people to pay homage to it.

Facebook comment:
 This is NOT New Testament worship. Not even close. When the children of Israel did this, God severely judged them. God looks at our heart, but He also looks at our actions. You cannot divorce the two. Is kneeling in front of a statue of Mary acceptable as long as your heart is worshipping God? NO! Idolatry in any from is severely condemned by God. We are to worship Him in spirit and in TRUTH. This is neither.



  2. Ezekiel 22:26- 28.
    Does the Lord God Almighty look upon today's 'church' in the same manner described in the above Scriptures?
    In order to boost numbers the 'church' is accepting the world's standards and ways, providing entertainment in the place of worship and calling it worship. They make 'church' more comfortable and acceptable to the unregenerate, to the harm of the elect in some cases.
    They dress His 'church' in a way that is attractive to the world, compromising truth with error, just to gain an increase in numbers.
    My question is: what are these unregenerate being 'saved' into - is it true conversion? The Lord only knows!

  3. Full blown idolatry!

  4. There is only one Ark of the Covenant, create by the Jews in response to God's commands. Anything else is s fake. To worship anything else, other than Christ, is heresy.


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