Pregnant And Unwed Woman Fired From Her Church Daycare Job!!

On Monday, Aprly Kellam of Henrico County, Virginia, received a phone call she’d been expecting. Kellam, who is pregnant and unmarried, was fired from her position at a church daycare for violating church policy.
“It hurts because I’ve grown up in a Christian home and a Christian church my whole life,” she told WTVR.
 Kellam had been working at Staples Mill Road Baptist Church’s daycare center since September. However, a month later, her supervisor warned her she needed to marry her fiancé James Coalson or announce a wedding date by this week.
Sorry, but I side with the church on this one. She signed the moral conduct code, she's working with children who look up to her and it sounds as though she was given a heads up in the matter. If you don't like the church doctrine then you should find a different church to work for. There isn't much gray area on the subject of adultery in the Baptist church. It's like telling your kids "do as I say not as I do". The church was within its rights to let her go.


  1. This situation seems to happen a couple of times every year.

    And in most cases the woman (never heard of a man having to deal with this) signed some-type of moral contract with the church when they were hired.

    So "legally" the church has every right to send her packing.

    Shouldn't the church be REACHING OUT to this woman even more (and not "JUST" encouraging her to get married)

    How about the church require counseling if they are pregnant out of wedlock?

    Or a leave of absents during her pregnancy?
    That way we can avoid putting an "UN-EMPLOYED" SINGLE MOTHER on the street.

    considering Jesus was born to a single mother, Christian churches in particular should be more sensitive to an un-wed mother.

    I am not saying she should be celebrated but more thought should be put into how we handle these problems.

    Just my thoughts.

    1. Cop I agree, She's pregnant from a previous marriage and is engaged to another man? Married, Pregnant, divorced, engaged all in less than 9 months?
      Probably not a good example for someone on staff of a Church wouldn't you say.

  2. Just as a side note

    There are pastors who
    Rape women
    Steal money
    Abuse kids
    And acting like fools daily

    You rarely hear about them losing their jobs.
    And if they do get fired, it's because people have been protesting them to leave for weeks & months before.


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