Most Pew Sitters Feel Their Church Has Enough Diversity!

In my opinion, one size does not fit all. It is wonderful when a church is diverse but I don’t think it is always feasible or necessary. Also, if you're preaching the Bible, then you're doing enough. If you're attempting to be ethnically diverse, then you're distracting from the real reason to have church.

Christianity Today“In a world where our culture is increasingly diverse, and many pastors are talking about diversity, it appears most people are happy where they are—and with whom they are."


  1. I think God loves diversity – reminds me of the Lincoln quote to the effect that God must love common people because he made so many of them – the Lord created diversity, this glorious mess, a creation of unsolvable complexity & this is the way He made it, to reflect His character – and it both pains & amuses me that there are so many anal ocd types who demand an explanation for everything, but mostly a refection of themselves, pushing for conformity in doctrine, in worship, etc – it seems to me the various manifestations of His church should reflect His diverse nature – but of course someone will always say “God is not a God of confusion” or something like that – but of course He isnt – we’re the confused ones – i’m of the “Glory be to God for dappled things” camp of G.M Hopkins

  2. With all the problems the black community faces, this shouldn't even make the list.


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