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Testimony Time: Dr. E. Dewey Smith Let Rickey Smiley Take Over The House Of Hope Pulpit!!

Reader Sunday October 8, 2017, Dr. E. Dewey Smith senior pastor of the House of Hope Atlanta Ga, allowed his friend and church family Comedian Rickey Smiley to grace his pulpit with an awesome testimony....plus a big plug for his new book.

Check it out below: 

Just When You Thought Reality TV Couldn’t Get Any Lower, Now People are Having Sex Live in Front of Audience? I Kid You Not!

People, get ready, I'm convinced Jesus is standing up.  This is how low our society has gone. Sex In A Box:

Facebook Comment:
We are a lost society without morals or common sense. I'm glad I grew up when I did. If the TV was working, it had 5 channels and they all went off the air with the National Anthem at 11 pm. 


  1. Yep, and it seems that black people are the first to volunteer for anything that's degrading or low. Many Negroes have no standards.

    1. Candy Crush SagaSunday, 25 January, 2015

      Anonymous I agree!

  2. How about we rename it "Two stupid people in a box"

    1. Cop our culture today is scraping the bottom of the barrel.

  3. This has got to be the worst idea for a reality show ever....like worse than the Kardashians....."Oh yea my husband/wife is cheatin on me so lets go on this tv show and have sex in a sound proof box hangin over a stage while people watch and talk about our relationship issues because thats gonna make him/her stop cheatin...." Puh-lease!!

  4. Abraham's Daughter!Sunday, 25 January, 2015

    Well, now we know the answer to the question, “Could TV get any worse than ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’?”

  5. This show came out in the UK a few years back on channel 4 so it's nothing new. The ratings weren't good so it disappeared. Don't watch.


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