Jesus Take The Wheel: 30 Second Theology!

For Super Bowl Sunday sermon,  Pastor Craig Groeschel is preparing to preach on "spiritual principles' found in everyone's favorite commercials.  Yes, you got that right. Spiritual principles found in commercials. Now that's a sure fire relevant way to draw a crowd. But, there's one small problem. Pastors are told by God's Word to "preach the word" (2 Tim 4:2) Apparently, Craig Groeschel doesn't think that applies to him.  Really, it's nothing new. One year hubby and I attended a church that had Super Bowl Sunday as a church event. Right in the church itself. Why, they had a flat screen tv for the youth group. Not surprised at all.



  1. Ridiculous! However this is no different that Jamal Bryant preaching on such things as "15 Shades of grey or WORD WAR Me......or any of the other references that are in pop culture today. Many of these folks only "talk" what's relevant in today's culture instead of teaching what's been revealed through God's Word.


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