Is Colton Burpo Lying About Heaven, Just Like Malarkey Was Lying?

In light of a recent development where one young boy reveals that his experience in Heaven was a lie,  Colton Burpo, the subject of the book-turned-movie Heaven is for Real, is speaking out about the details of his own life. He wants us to know that his story is true, and that Jesus “really, really loves you.”

Colton Burpo defends Heaven is for Real after Malarkey confession: ‘I just wanted to take a second and let everyone know that I stand by my story found in my book Heaven is for Real.’ (To read the article, click here). Boy please! 

On this blog someone left the following comment under an article  about the same subject:

Lazarus was dead for over 3 days before Jesus raised him, and yet we have nary a peep out of him about heaven. If God had wanted us to know these things, Lazarus would have been the one to tell us. So true!


  1. Cop ALWAYS has question about these people (kids usually) that VISIT heaven.

    1. After traumatic accidents, these people are given heavy pain medications, and given anesthesia to undergo surgeries. Why are we so gullible to believe someone that has probably been high on meds for a few days about their trip to heaven?

    2. Supporters say these stories of people going to heaven give people hope. I am 99.9% sure THE BIBLE has been giving people hope a little bit longer than your 4 year old child.

    3. The Bible has a few stories of people DYING (not NEAR DEATH, actually DYING) but we don't read much about heaven from people that were gone from the body in the Bible.

    4. Why do preachers, christians & churches so quick to jump on the bandwagon and get excited?
    They give me the impression of "See, I told you there was a heaven!"
    If your pastor gets to happy about these visits,it makes me want to ask, "What did he believe about heaven BEFORE the stories came out?

    5. Any time someone starts making a profit from these stories my skepticism level shoots up.

    1. Cop love the comment, especially 4 & 5. When Bishop Jakes chose this book as an idea for a movie, surprised me. The Bible does not teach, nor support such a doctrine that people go to heaven and come back. I agree, we have to look carefully at what the Bible teaches about those who went to heaven before we believe the numerous stories we hear today. Enoch and Elijah were taken to heaven; but they did not return to tell their stories to the people.

  2. This is simply more of the already nauseating white supremacist agenda..."god is white like me". The scriptures say Immanuel is the color of fine brass (a dark skin black man), and goes on to say as if he had been burned in a furnace which is straight black! Acts 13:1 calls two disciples NIGER/nIgger both Immanuel and the Great I AM are both said to have wooly hair, (Daniel 7:9). Both of these boys are lying because it doesn't line up with matter how bad they want it to!


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