Fix It Jesus: Newsboys Cofounder Walks Away From Christianity!

One of the founding members of the most successful Christian rock bands in history, has come forth and admitted that he's now a non believer. The CO-FOUNDER OF NEWSBOYS says:  “NOW I’M AN ATHEIST.” 

 Newsboys are a group loved by millions around the world. A guest post by George Perdikis over at the Patheos website (via “The Friendly Atheist” column), proudly proclaims he has lost his faith, and tells the story.


  1. So....this man has been an atheist since 2007?! Wow...more of the same. This is why I have truly backed off of Christian/Gospel music. The music just isn't that great first of all and secondly, they are often hypocrites who don't truly believe what they are singing smh. The Bible says, The fool hath said in his heart,there is no God. This man needs to be saved. What a sad story.

    1. I agree. Nobody who really knows The Living God would ever deny Him. He didn't REALLY know Jesus Christ. Yep that is sad.

  2. I'm not surprised, I really think that the majority of people who get into "contemporary Christian" music, are just using it for a stepping stone into mainstream secular music. That's why we depend on no man but rely on God's word!

  3. False conversion. I noticed in his write up there was a lot of law, but no Christ and no gospel mentioned. This is the sad result of churchianity - all works and law with no repentance and no gospel.

  4. Mainstream Christian music is nothing more than an "industry", the majority of musicians aren't even saved, to them it's a "gig". You could probably hold in your hands the actual singers who trust in Christ. Sad.

  5. Sad, but then again I don't look to these Christian rock bands for my theology or to build up my faith. I look to God and His Word. I agree with Ray Comfort that because we are preaching a watered down gospel there are a lot of false converts being created as well.

  6. If not mistaken he left the group in 1990. How does he know the struggles of the current band members? "There seems to be more ego and narcissism amongst Christian musicians than their secular counterparts." Really! Does he watch t.v? One word - Kanye West! "I always felt uncomfortable with the strict rules imposed by Christianity." Well if that is all he sees then he will feel uncomfortable. The flesh wants what the flesh wants. "As I carved out a life for myself away from the church, I began my own voyage of inquiry into what I believed." He wanted someone to ease his conscience. He wanted to be his own god. "The movie demonstrated the pervasive attitude of Christians. They demonized everyone while giving a pass to their own particular brand of Christianity, making themselves look like fluffy white angels with perfect, synchronized lives." Did he see the movie? How did he make such a conclusion? What did he think of the college professor? I guess that character was a open minded person. I guess he i joys the Joel Osteen brand of Christianity. I hear Rob Bell's brand is wonderful. ( sarcasm) I guess no one explained the gospel. He will get his 15 minutes of fame. Everyone give his some attention. I am sure he will get booked and he will start

  7. He was never a Christian in the first place!

  8. I find it really upsetting and disturbing that this has happened. God has used the Newsboys to spread his word of grace and prosperity, touching thousands of lives. I hope and pray that this doesn't affect the Band and their ability to spread Christ message.


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