Family, Friends Protesting New Hope Ministries' last-minute Refusal To Host Lesbian's Funeral!

Lord, have mercy a church has refused to hold this woman's funeral because the family wanted to show a video containing the two women kissing.

Family and friends of a Denver woman who died Dec. 30 say they are outraged by a pastor's decision that forced the family to move their loved one's funeral from New Hope Ministries to a funeral home across the street, at the last minute, because the family refused to edit a video showing Vanessa Collier kissing her girlfriend.


  1. If the church had a problem with homosexuality then they should have said no in the beginning. They knew she was gay prior to the services what kind of pictures were the expecting, they wouldn’t turn an athiest away for pictures of a husband and wife kissing… Yes it’s the churches right to do whatever they want but they should have said no from the beginning rather than making the family and friends of Vanessa suffer more then they already have.

  2. The Church should've been up front from the beginning. In addition, families of deceased gays should know better than to go to conservative Christian establishments to funeralize their gay loved ones. There are plenty of funeral homes that don't discriminate.

    1. But that's what must be done to establish case law. If the deceased was a "member" of a 501c3 organization, she is to afforded like privileges of other "members" (a legal term and a business term). Anything less exposes said 501c3 to legal action.

    2. @Prerich45, not many folks are aware of this it seems. How ironic! Hmmmmnnn.

    3. @Preich45... True, however if the church has it written in their bylaws "they don't endorse or approve of same gender relationships", they're in the right

    4. That's the issue....most don't. And there is a built in work around - the public policy clause written into the 501c3 tax code.


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