Another Pastor Publicly Apologizes To His Congregation!

According to, on yesterday, Pastor Zondo publicly apologize to his congregation after a video of him walking around naked surfaced and went viral last week. The pastor was trending on Twitter after his apparent nude video went viral on social media. The video left most of his followers shocked, and others blaming this on Satan. The video of the divorced pastor was allegedly taken by a woman who was with him in his lounge. The pastor has a slot on a South African radio station with one of the largest listening audience, Ukhozi FM.


  1. This is no longer shocking to hear these types of stories. The wheat and tare are being separated. God is judging the "visible churches" openly. Seek Him for yourselves while there is still time. Hirelings will do what they are paid to do, which is make money and gain members....not preach the Truth of God and live a blameless life. It's a little late for apologies. This man needs to relieve himself of his duties and quietly retreat to his home. He has shown himself to be disqualified for his position smh.

    1. Christianity isnt a solo faith, Christians need to worship & FELLOWSHIP together NOT alone. Church is still important Jesus said the fires of hell will NOT prevail against it.

    2. The gates of hell will not prevail against His ekklesia. He was referring to His people. Not the institution. I never said it's not important for folks to fellowship, but it's unwise to sit under unfit leadership.

  2. Why does this story remind me so much of Charles Jenkins when he was PARADING HIS GLORY for his "FRIEND".

  3. What's the problem? Is he not allowed to be naked in his house because he is a pastor?

    1. Interesting how people on another blog are making this about being naked in his own home when we all know this is not about that. This is about preaching one bible to the pew and preaching another to the pulpit. Hypocrisy in the pulpit. By the time such exposure happens, God will have warned repeatedly previously but His warnings fell on deaf ears.


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