Pope Francis Assures Young Boy That Heaven Is Open To "EVERY SOUL" Even His Dog!

I do not believe scripture supports the idea of animals going to heaven. Animals are considered to be unconscious creatures, which means they cannot do no good nor evil. I get what Pope Francis suggested recently that even animals have a place in heaven, while trying to soothe a young boy during a public appearance at the Vatican's St. Peter's Square.
 "Paradise is open to all of God’s creatures."
 He told the boy whose dog died recently. He made the comment during the weekly general audience at the Vatican, in St. Peter's Square.
Do you believe the Pope was wrong in suggesting that animals have a place in heaven?  Do you believe in a heaven for animals?


  1. I am not catholic. This is another reason to like this pope !

  2. ok if i remember my dogma (i did study to be a priest lol)--- only humans have original sin which is what you need to be redeemed of (if you're a Catholic anyway) --- which is what the death and resurrection takes care of (via baptism) --- animals have no original sin to contend with, therefore they don't need redemption --- therefore, they are innocents and are admitted to heaven automatically ---- if they have souls that is --- he's the Pope he would be the one to ask about that ---- if you believe that sort of thing

  3. Pope Francis has declared that our pets will go to Heaven. Ahhh, that’s sweet. But it also tosses the very basis for Christianity into a theological landfill by abruptly taking Jesus out of the salvation equation. Obviously, pets don’t know or understand Jesus, much less accept Him as their Personal Savior (or Shopper). So the new rule is clear: To get into Heaven, all you need to do is beg for treats and learn to roll over. And I KNOW you know how to do that! Glory!


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