Lord Have Mercy Somebody In The Body Of Christ Have Pissed Off, Pastor John Pee Kee?

As quiet as it's kept, Pastor John Pee Kee have taken to his Facebook page to vent and to let another preacher of the gospel know that he is not pleased with a commentary that was written last month about him and gospel music icon, Tonex.

Facebook: Just read a very ugly commentary a Preacher wrote about me concerning Anthony Clark Williams AKA "Tonex" singing on stage With me at West Angeles COGIC last month. First, I'd like to say, I really didn't get the inference, but I'm real with mine! Normally if it's about me personally, I laugh and keep it moving, but in this climate of Church Discouragement I felt the need to respond!
Anthony AKA "Tonex" Williams has been and always will be a son of mine. I've known him for over 25 years and was honored To have him in fellowship with me in LA. Beloved, I'm not from your religious cupcake rooms where you prophecy on stage and do as you please when the cameras are not on! I'm concerned as to what the role of the new age Church really is. Is it deliverance we really seeking Or are we still trying to create a body of religious Sadducees and Pharisees that kiss up to our denominational __________?
I've always taught that Christians struggled with two scriptures, 2 Corinthians 6:17 and Matthew 28:19. I don't struggle with it at all. I'm sure of my calling!!! Romans 8:28 So I simply suggest that all you Old Secret, Closet She Bears stay quiet and back way off me because I'm not from the new era where you act as if you don't get it!
 I've been a true soldier in the Gospel industry For over 35 years. Google me! I was on the Conference circuit for years and I witnessed things that almost made me leave the church! But I realized very early my deliverance from the street was wrapped up in Jesus not the Saints! I'm appalled and disgusted at the hypocritical State of the church...
The best thing for me to do Is stop now while I'm ahead. Lastly, I prayed a simple Prayer before I surrendered to the ministry. It was very simple; the Lord sends me everyone the church kicks out Or rejects and I'll teach them your way. I've committed myself to this for over 30 years and I'm very happy to say God has used me to witness to millions of hurting people throughout the world. So when you write your post, blogs, lies and or entries, Be advised, please keep me and my family far away from your filth. You know who and what you are and trust me this ain't Whatchu want... Humbly Submitted Pastor John PS: Tell your wife to stop calling me on the church fax line...

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