Lord Have Mercy Mars Hill Church Is Dissolving But Still Wants The Pew Sitters Money.

Mars Hill Church is officially shutting down at year's end, but the one-time mega-church is still asking donors to give generously.
"As we close out the year, and say good-bye to Mars Hill, your gifts continue to be very important as they will determine how much will be distributed to help fund the 11 independent churches launching in January," said a message on the Mars Hill website. 
 In announcing its dissolution on Oct. 31 - two weeks after controversial lead pastor Mark Driscoll quit - Mars Hill said its then-13 "campuses" could restart as independent churches, combine with other congregations, or simply close their doors. "Without generous people like you continuing to give through the end of the year, many of these churches may not have the necessary funds to continue as new churches," said the appeal.


  1. Ha, we are closing but still want your money.

  2. Dear Brothers and Sister of Mars,
    Please donate your money to a foundation that supports orphans, widows, and the homeless postmarked by the end of December….When done, you WILL know that your donations have gone to a wonderful place to enrich the lives of those less fortunate. There are too many wolves flocking the sheeps…

    Before donating to ANY place or organization….Pray about it…Ask about it…Give thanks about your blessings… and Bless others with what you may have reaped…May your answers be seven-folds….

    Please do not blindly donate when things are very unclear.
    Thank you. And bless you.

  3. I don't understand why he is getting a severance package. He should not be getting anything! That amount of money is ridiculous. I wonder how much does a real minister, pastor and priest make compared to this church?

    1. Agree, I notice that the half a million is just for his severance package. That doesn't count the hundreds of thousands of dollars he was making with salary.

  4. This is the hidden danger of these TOP HEAVY mega churches (churches that driven, directed and motivated by just one man).

    When their leader falls, leaves, or dies, so does the entire church.

    1. Cop I agree, we have too many TOP HEAVY MEGA CHURCHES "tickling ears" of people and not preaching the gospel. Pastors, knock off "entertaining" and just not preaching the TRUTH! People will be drawn to the truth and will support what they believe in. You right when these celebrity pastors fall, leave or die so does that church.

  5. It is sickening, albeit not surprising, that the church continues to ask for donations. That is one thing that I have always disliked about organized religion. Members of the church are expected to donate 10% of their hard earned income, even if you are struggling to make ends meet, yet pastors are driving luxury cars and raking in HALF A MILLION DOLLARS in a compensation package. That's not including the hundreds of thousands of dollars made per YEAR.

  6. Maybe they are actually going to use the money to start smaller churches. I'm so glad Jesus isn't as quick to condemn as you guys.


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