Janay Rice Says God Chose Her To Bring Awareness To Domestic Violence???

I don't know exactly what Janay Rice is doing for domestic violence, except maybe making other battered women look bad. If she was serious about domestic violence, she would have gotten help the day the world witness her getting knocked out.

 In her first interview since Ray Rice was reinstated to the National Football League after appealing suspension for his actions. Ms. Rice says she believes God choose her and Ray to bring awareness to domestic violence issues.

Ms. Rice told, The Today Show’s Matt Lauer, “I feel like God chose me and Ray for a reason, and it was definitely to bring awareness to what people are going through every day.”

 “Even though it’s not what I am going through every day, but it’s definitely brought this topic to the forefront… and we are OK with that.”


  1. God chose them to have a drunken elevator fight and shock the world??? Um....
    One thing I do know is that God is NOT the author of confusion...which is what this whole story is chock full of!
    THEY chose to do whatever they did that led to this, not God. He just gives us free will to choose as we will. I watched bits and pieces of this. This young lady and her husband needed and may still need a wake-up call. I can hope this was it but I don't know. I pray that God helps them both and that they can have a happy marriage and lead productive and safe lives in the future.

  2. At this point I believe her only cencern is the money that her husband is missing out on by not being signed to a team. I think she'll do & say anything until he gets picked up by another team. She has no clue and doesn't fully understand what domestic violence is & how its applicable to her situation. I feel sorry for her.

    1. Most of these BW get their twisted ways from sick shows like Atlanta housewives. Its all about money, greed, weave, attitude. She would never have picked this dumb negro if he had a regular job.

  3. This poor woman needs some therapy asap!

    1. She is a victim of abuse. Plain and simple. An abuser will belittle, hit, and degrade the victim. The victim's self-esteem gets lower and lower and lower. The abuser typically will follow up with tons of love and hugs and say things like, "I'm sorry baby...Iove you so much...but..." Excuse after excuse. It's the affection after the abuse that keeps the couple together. It happens over and over and over. Sometimes there are threats of violence so the victim stays for fear of her life or life of others the abuser has threatened.

      It's easy to point fingers and say, "She's a stupid bitch for staying." That's what pops in your head initially if you are a healthy person and have a decent self-esteem. However, her bar has been lowered so much as to what is "normal." She is in a known abusive relationship. Sometimes it's more scary for her to think of what will happen if she leaves.

      I'm glad this is being discussed but violence and abuse is not any "God's plan." If your so-called God has plans like that, you need to find another God or re-read your scripture, honey!

  4. No dear Janay. That was not God's plan. His plans for you are for good and He doesn't "beat" sense into people? He does not push, but lead.

  5. She's so brainwashed! She needs to run,not walk, away from him and get some mental help.

  6. Domestic violence is technically one that's in an abusive relationship. I don't believe Ray Rice is abusive towards her, I believe they both were intoxicated and he lost control. What he did was absolutely wrong... Until there are proven reports that he abuses her, we must stop labeling him as a monster. Just like Sologan got a pass for assaulting Jay-Z, give Ray Rice the benefit of doubt... Just my opinion...

  7. The situation with their drinking and then the physical violence only revealed what was lying dormant on the inside of him. She provoked it out of him with her behavior! What`s on the inside , sometimes has to be provoked out. Sometimes we don't even know what we are harboring in the inside. She is blinded by her own emotions/feelings. That is not LOVE when you are abused. Just because she hadn't been beat down by him before, that doesn't mean that that rage wasn't their all along. We don't change overnight, that rage is still there inside of him. Hope he doesn't harm her any further! Abusive situations sometimes go from bad to worse! She needs to get out now and don't look back! How could I ever allow my man to touch me again after that?


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