In Troubled Times, Does 'The Black Church' Still Matter?

NPR Host Michel Martin asks a thought provoking question: In Troubled Times, Does 'The Black Church' Still Matter?

African-American clergy, academics and activists will hold a march on Washington this week, protesting the grand jury decisions in Ferguson, Mo. and New York City and call on the federal government to intervene in the prosecutions of police officers accused of the unjustified use of force. Ms. Martin, talked with Reverend Raphael Warnock and Eddie Glaude, Jr., two prominent African-American religious thinkers, about the role of black churches in the wake of major protests and demonstrations inspired by events in Ferguson and New York City.

Warnock is the senior pastor at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Ga. — a pulpit once held by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. — and was in Washington to attend a conference hosted by the Black Church Center for Justice and Equality. Glaude is a professor of religion and chair of the Center for African American Studies at Princeton University. In 2010, he wrote an attention-grabbing essay called "The Black Church is Dead."


  1. Maybe the question should be 'In troubled times, does our FAITH still matter?' Do we believe in the Word of God, (sound) preaching and teaching, the songs we sing? Or is it just culture? Do we really believe in the saving, healing, cleansing, delivering power of Jesus Christ? Do we believe that God is Righteous and will judge ALL evil on this earth, also what has been done to our ancestors or do seek our own justice? Do we choose LOVE or to wallow in hate, self pity and bitterness? In stead of violence why don't we choose to protect our children and what better protection is there than the family?


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