How Do You Sell God In The 21st Century? By Stepping On Others!

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First off, this is a personal blog, managed by me, myself, and I. I'am not a news reporting agency. I don't like how made an effort to try and label me and my blog, after being guilty of taking articles and headlines off my blog for over a year. A reputation is what people use to gauge what you stand for. Good or bad, a reputation is a huge guiding factor in determining whether people want to be in relationship with you or not. Remember that!
 Second, if you see something on this blog that you may have questions about "GOOGLE" it... That way you will have the facts and not just information. Most of the information I post on here is from social media, where I don't fact check the info because I don't believe a need for me to do so, it is informative and not facts.

Thirdly, the other day I posted an article that asks the question: Is Dr. Debra B. Morton Planning To Leave The Church Pulpit In 2015? If you notice in the article, not one time did I say she or her husband was leaving the pulpit for good... That was a question that was asked on Facebook.

 Now, the people over at Joy105.COM who are subscribed to my blog feed, has the nerve to try and throw ugly shade at me and my blog for that article, which was posted in a question format. I have been doing this blogging thing since 2007 I'am well aware of what some people will do in an effort to try and make a name for themselves at the expense of others.

 Again, this is a personal opinion blog which means my opinion and my ideas. So, if you stop stealing other people, ideas, and personal opinions, then you would not have to remove articles from your site, which are posted under breaking news. Once more,  this is my personal opinion blog if you see something on here you do not like or you have questions about, you know what to do. I'am not a news source!!
PS: I have noticed they closed the comment section and removed my comment. I wonder why? A bunch of FAKES!!

The links below are some of the many links that are linked to articles on my blog. Just to think my blog have been feeding this rag for over a year. Now all of a sudden got inaccurate information. PLEASE!    
One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Etc.... 


  1. Why didn't they just take the article down? Why throw shade at you? Nobody told them to post it as fact over there. CRAZY.

    1. This is not my first encounter with JOY105 about the content on my personal blog. In an email that was, sent to her a while back, I let her know in that email that my intent in blogging was/is totally different from hers. I am not trying to get a hook up with any elite pastor or his wife, nor was I trying to get a business deal with any of them. I also made her well aware that, I was not going to pick and chose who I was going to blog about. If something happens BAD or GOOD with any PASTOR or his or her CHURCH I am going to blog about it, if I so chose to do so.

    2. Abraham's Daughter!Tuesday, 23 December, 2014

      Keep doing what you do sister!

  2. Born To Win I asked myself the same thing. I have never stated that my blog was a news source.

    1. Maybe now they will UNSUBSCRIBE from your blog feed since they know you gossip and they don't want anything to do with that. When in reality that's exactly what they are also doing.

    2. HEHE, I've noticed they still are getting my blog feeds, but they don't want to be a part of gossip.IJS!

  3. Glad you said something Ann!

  4. Let me get this straight.

    They've been feeding off of your blog like a hungry tick for months

    And NOW because they got a story that THEY DONT LIKE they want to ATTACK THE SOURCE?

    They either need to let people know who REALLY PUBLISHED THE ARTICLES.


    Pay someone to find stories for themselves.

    Not sure if Joy105 is a radio station or just a news blog.
    Either way they seem lazy and unaccountable for their own lack of research.

    1. Cop Exactly! They have been feeding their site off my blog for way over a year. If you go over there now almost every other article is a link to my blog articles. So what does that tell you? They love gossip. Someone Email me a while back to make me aware of what was going on over there. I hate shady people!!

  5. Lord Jesus Atlanta is the only place I know where people boldly tell other people lies that they are members of a professions that require training or education yet the don't have either. Publicist,marketing,branding,producer. You are not either of these without formal education or experence working under a reputable qualified member of these professions.

  6. I'm confused? But what does it mean to service 21st century leaders???

  7. If they are an "e magazine" then why are they taking content off your blog? Why not write their own content?

  8. The Wife Of 23 Years:Wednesday, 24 December, 2014

    Just to think her dumb behind is the one who copy your post word for word and posted it on her site. How stupid can one be.


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