How Did This Happen "First Lady of Praise & Worship"?

First thing first, I have nothing against DR. JUDITH CHRISTIE MCALLISTER, and this blog piece have nothing in the world to do with Dr. MCALLISTER, per-say. This piece is more about the self appointed titles that have found their way into our local churches in the last number of years. I found the above pic and the below statement on my Facebook timeline:
IT'S TIME TO RAISE THE PRAISE!" And who better to usher the people of God into His presence than the phenomenal woman recognized the world over as the "First Lady of Praise Worship." Get ready for a relevant, revolutionary, and radical worship experience and "High Praise" with DR. JUDITH CHRISTIE MCALLISTER ---taking us to another level at the YLR 5TH ANNIVERSARY PARTY! Get your tickets now by visiting here.
I've noticed that we seem to relish dropping titles before our names when it comes to church. In fact, there are some prominent figures in the black church I remember from way back when who would never use titles but I notice they do today.


  1. Some of these titles (ESPECIALLY THE SELF-APPOINTED) have gotten a bit ridiculous.
    (Prophet, Master Prophet, Apostle, First Lady, Armor Bearer)
    I am not impressed by someone calling THEMSELVES a Prophet.

    I am more disturbed by the number of pastors who call themselves DOCTOR that never earned an ACTUAL DOCTORATE from an ACCREDITED SCHOOL.

    Jamal Bryant
    TD Jakes
    Juanita Bynum
    Fred & Betty Price
    Ira & Brigette Hilliard
    Melinda Pullings
    Clarence McClendon
    Helen Baylor
    Michael Freeman

    This is just a SMALL LIST of pastors that USE the title of DOCTOR, that didn't actually EARN the doctorate.


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