COGIC Supt. Earl Carter Respond To Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake Apology!

Lord have mercy, I tell you what a house divided can not stand. As quiet as it's kept, Supt. Earl Carter just openly challenged Bishop Charles E. Blake his own presiding bishop. Some members of the COGIC church or whole heartily against the language used by Supt. Carter, while others are supported.
Check out some of the comments below......What are your thoughts?

Against: Dr. Carter’s words were repulsive, “I hope God gives you the monthly of a girl, I hope He has you bleeding out of your butt.” What kind of preacher uses such hateful language. God says He would that they were SAVED, not bleeding from their rectums. Also, what legitimate preacher boasts of having a doctorate from a non accredited school? Jacksonville Theological Seminary is a known diploma mill and pay for paper “seminary.” How can you take someone who was too lazy to do the real work to EARN a doctorate? How much is that degree in the window?
 Support: What did God do to Sodom and Gomorrah?? those wicked men were not confessing salvation or in the church, they were wicked burning with lust for other men! They were doing what sinners do SIN!! A abomination!!! What do you think is going to happen to men and women in this lifestyle, confessing salvation, in the church?? and the saints that see it and condoning it and not speaking the truth about it. God destroyed the WHOLE CITY WITH FIRE!! leaving nothing!! God even promised not to destroy the city, but there were not even 10 SOUL’S that were righteous!! that speaks volumes!!! We as believers Saved, Sanctified and Holy Ghost filled FOR REAL cannot compromise with SIN PERIOD!! If God can’t save us from SIN Saints of God what has he saved us from!! The bottom line here is SIN is SIN I don’t care who its in it will take you too HELL!! this should not even be a matter of discussion!! No wonder God Spirit has left the church, MAN IS IN CONTROL AND NOT GOD!! Thank you Dr. Earl Carter for exposing SIN, and speaking the truth,thats what we are suppose to do!! They hated and talked about Jesus too, and we are subject to being talked about, persecuted and sometimes martyred!! But God is your source!! This is only the beginning, Jesus is SOON TO COME and we all must be ready!! I have been in Church of God in Christ 52 years!! What God gave to Dad/Bishop Charles Harrison Mason was the True Church of God in Christ………The COGIC is a copy cat of the True Church of God in Christ. Comments from COGIC abuse watch: 


  1. Bishop Blake is a great leader.

  2. Intelligently, accurately, graciously and powerfully spoken! How could anyone take offense at this response. The spiritual integrity of the church as well as the office of the presiding bishop had been impugned by enemies of the church and Christ! By those who tried to imply that Bishop Blake's initial response was in some manner contrary to scripture and compromising our great church's biblical stand on sin in general and homosexuality in particular! I commend Bishop Blake and cover him in prayer. "No weapon formed, shall prosper".

  3. I agree 100%and intercede with Bishop and pray for the minds and hearts of some of these "saints".

  4. The church has opted not to post the letter on or the National Social Media platforms, as the letter was sent to leadership and credential holders only. However, some leaders have scanned and share the letter.

  5. I guarantee you that Elder Carter,will not be speaking at this year's convocation.

  6. We are to follow leadership as they follow Christ.
    When a leader is elected they should represent the people who placed them in position. When they don't, there is a process & decisions that the people should make corporately & individually. In the meantime......

  7. I was there at convocation when this message was delivered, yes the words were a bit harsh but in general he was preaching against sin, let us not forget the message, yes it very true we as leaders have to be very careful who we let be over our choir/praise and worship it really turns me off when I see a man as feminine as I am trying to set the atmosphere of worship, the bible says that we must worship in spirit and in truth.

    1. Thats the problem, his message was hidden up under a bunch of mess. He may have lost the souls he was after with his nasty, vile, and utterly unholy remarks. No one comes to church to be scolded or ridiculed by a leader in the ministry.

  8. "Sissies...Faggots... I wish God would give you the monthly of a girl. I wish he would have you bleeding out of your butt..." { from here on is my addendum} "Jesus sent me here tonight to speak these words into your life. I tell you this because I DO NOT LOVE NOR RESPECT you in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, AND NEITHER DOES HE. So don't come here with your shenanigans. By the way, THIS IS THE CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST."

    Though Dr. Carter didn't say these exact words, this is what many unsaved people AROUND THE WORLD heard.

    Bishop simply said in so many words... "I am Presiding Bishop of the Church of God In Christ and I do not approve this message"

    It simply amazes me that many of us "Christian's" don't find this offensive! Would you say such things to your child? So why would we expect such nonsense from the supposed 'Mand of Gawd" to GOD's children. Someone described such behavior as witchcraft, and I am persuaded to agree.

    The message could have been delivered without such grotesqueries!

    1. The sad truth is yes, many of them have already said such things to their own children.

  9. Convocation is only a reflection of what goes on in these COGIC churches every week. I remember back in the day (late 80’s- 90’s) at Cathedral of Faith COGIC in ATL they would have the Sunday night Showers of Blessing Live Broadcast. It was like the pre party to the club later on that evening. Everyone would meet up at the church to hear the Showers of Blessings Choir shake the foundation with their gospel, vibrato. Everyone would have on their cute outfits that would be on display as Jonathan Grier called for the $100 line, $50, $25 and then the broke hoe line. The queens would run up for the $100 call with rubber checks in hand. LOL. It was quite the show. You would have queen Bishop Lay blowing her whistle, Ms M. Culpepper directing the choir, Ms. Foxy sitting right behind Sister Grier at time with the same hair style and blouse. Mr. Tina Watson, Mr. Odessa Packer, Ms Linroy, that other queen that sang with Ricky Dillard with the twin (forgot his name) and Ms Luke was always front and center. Those queens would shout like crazy. For a Baptist boy this was quite a spectacle. But I was faithful not to miss a service. And, I made sure that I got there by 8:00 to hear them sign the opening song..”We are Receiving Showers of Blessings.” And Jonathan Grier had some encouraging and powerful sermons. I wasn’t get some of that good word in the traditional Baptist Church.
    So you are so right there was a time when COGIC meant something to people. For me it was the church you could go to and the queens should sing, dance and shout and it was alright. They didn’t play that in the baptist church. LOL. Maybe the COGIC church (and mind you most of the same gender loving affirming churches have COGIC roots) is the chosen denomination to lead the way for Christians to be not only tolerant but accepting to proud and out gays freely participating in worship. When I visit the Vision Church of Atlanta it feels just like the ol’ Showers of Blessings Broadcast days. That was the heyday of the COGIC church in Atlanta. An unwilling vessel but yet still a vessel.


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