A Message From Kay Warren, Wife Of (Pastor Rick Warren) Stop Sending Cheery Christmas Cards!

Christianity Today:

Facebook comment:
Good grief, Kay Warren do you have to take your loss out on your friends too? They already know you're hurting, but how do you react to someone else's loss except by showing Christian love?

On behalf of grieving parents everywhere, Kay Warren posted the following note to her Facebook page.....she writes about the pain of receiving happy-family Christmas cards in the years following her son's suicide:

“If you aren’t willing to modify your way of sending cards for a while, please do us a favor and take us off your list.”

Lord have mercy, I have not lost a child, but I understand that grief is necessary.  I truly don't think anyone sends cards out of malice, but out of love. We should accept graciously and live with our healing time without hurting others feelings.

Can we talk about this? Would love to hear how some of my readers make it through Christmas when it also brings some painful feelings or memories. What,works to help ease the pain? What is your through?


  1. I bet many of us had never even considered that a Christmas card could be a trigger!

  2. Wow! This sounds like she is still angry over her terrible loss. The only other thing I'll mention is that it is unfair to ask others to know how someone feels when suffering a loss of any kind. Like you said, Ms Ann everyone grieves in different ways. But not everyone has lost a child so how would they know how that feels in a way that would help them understand the "right" thing to do? The same way many people will never know what it's like to be a parent to a child who was killed by the police. ( Michael Brown, Eric Garner ) If you've never experienced it, how do you know how it feels?

  3. She could just set the cards to the side as she receives them and read them at a later date. No need to lash out at people who obviously want to reach out and say hello. They aren't mind readers therefore they can't be expected to know that it would upset her. She needs to pray and get some counseling because she obviously needs to get some things off her chest. I hope it gets better for her soon.


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