A Fulton County Judge Has Ordered Blogger William McCray To Pay Bishop Shaw $150,000 In Damages.

A Fulton County court has ordered an Atlanta blogger to pay the bishop of a Georgia church with national congregations $150,000 in damages. The controversy began years ago when the bishop was falsely accused of rape and other vile crimes. The vindicated bishop told Channel 2's Diana Davis Tuesday that it all started because of a power struggle within his church.


  1. William still didn't learn his lesson... he just accused a football player of abusing his wife despite the wife testifying to him the allegations were false... there's a line between news, gossip, and slander...

  2. GOOD!! I hope Mr. McCray goes broke trying to pay the judgement. His unverified facts and accusations are nothing more than sensational and hurtful gossip!! He's actually lucky, because in these parts he would've gotten broken into a million pieces & would no longer be able to run his filthy lying mouth. More people should sue him and break his entire financial future...because he has an evil spirit of lies and deception radiating through his being.

    1. I agree anonymous, I am glad he won.

    2. Sad, I pray McCrae learns his lessons. Once you harm someone's reputation it is hard to retrieve it once it has been released to the wind. God forbid this happen to him.

  3. That is not enough for what he endured emotionally & mentally. I am delighted to see some justice was allotted. However, something needs to be put in place where falsehoods cannot destroy others.

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  5. And that is why we only print what we can back up with Facts & Proof.


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