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Dallas Megachurch Pastor Robert Morris On Racism!

Reader kudos to this pastor for saying what he said, and for how he said it, straight with no chaser. During a sermon this past weekend, Pastor Robert Morris of Dallas’ Gateway Church — one of the largest in the country — explained how racism is partly the church problem.  This past weekend, Pastor Robert Morris shared a powerful message titled “A Lack of Understanding” where he encouraged the church to stand against the evils of racism. Must watch, your jaw will drop.  You can only imagine how the rest of the sermon went.

Check out the clip below. 

Pastor Joel Osteen Took Time Out From Ministering To Pray With His Friend Nik Wallenda!


Should we be bombarding heaven over foolishness like this? Anyone who does high wire walks without any safety measures is a bit presumptuous to ask for God's protection, don't you think? Why do you think God gave us a brain--so we could make sensible choices.


  1. Wow! You nailed this one. How about Olsteen taking Communion to a few of his many homebound members. Oh, that's right... not great enough worldly reward.

  2. aren't we called to pray for any and everybody that needs it? football players ask for prayer before every game, knowing they're about to engage in a violent sport... politicians ask for prayer before they take office... so whats wrong with Joel praying for his friend?

  3. Joel doesn't do weddings, funerals, visitations or Bible studies.

    But he'll do interviews, conferences and books signings.

    Just stating some facts.

    1. @Cop EXACTLY! LOL!! I said the same thing as I watched this last night. I wonder if he prays for his other congregants before they participate in events that don't involve cameras and microphones and worldwide fame???


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