Lord Have Mercy, Why Is The Church Of God In Christ Threatening To Take Legal Action Against Andrew Caldwell Over iTune Song???

According to the buzz on the net, the background singers and music has been added to audio of Andrew Caldwell’s proclamation that he’s been “delivered” from being gay and the remixed song has been released on iTunes.

But, as quite as it's kept, The Church of God In Christ has asked him to stop because they own the audio — and they believe the song is poking fun at the service. But of course, young Andrew Caldwell claims he has copyright ownership of the song — and that the audio is, after all, his voice and no one else’s — and has refused to stop selling the song. Listen to the song here:


  1. This has GOT TO BE some type of really bad sitcom,
    or a rejected Saturday night live scene.

    This KNEE-GROW
    Made A SONG from his deliverance from homosexuality.

    No one is going to make that song the next gospel hit, and people won't be dancing to the song in the clubs.

  2. Can you provide proof that Andrew Caldwell is behind the song.....or is it someone who is using is voice and his pictures and hired their own background singers. First thing that stands out to me is the email address ends with 78. Assuming thats a year of birth, that wouldnt be the Andrew Caldwells year of birth. I also researched the facebook username thats on the flyer and there are post on it that Im sure he did not post. For instance, there are well over 10 post that talk about him being sued for the song. Second, there are post about him being arrested. It is VERY clear someone is using his name and likeness to profit off of him. Just saying.....simple research shows its not him behind all of this.


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