Lord Have Mercy Bishop Jakes Fires Back At Deitrick Haddon And His Foolish Talk!

As quiet as it is kept Deitrick Haddon seems to think Bishop, T.D. Jakes, Bishop Paul S. Morton & Creflo Dollar should allow reality show cameras into their lives so they can share more of their lives with their pew sitters.
 But, according to HipHollywood.com,, there is one "GOOD" reason why T.D. Jakes has not “opened his doors” … Because his plate is already full.


  1. Haddon does need to hush up cause he is in no place to tell a seasoned pastor how to do anything.

  2. All of these guys have "Skeltons in their Closet".....Just speaking the truth...However Haddon need to have "Several Seats", simply because he refuse to Confess His Truth regarding his Past Marriage (Adultery Ways).

  3. I just cannot take Deitrick serious. He's funny, entertaing, & probably a cool person. But he's clearly not spiritual leadership material and doesn't have the credibility to be anyone's pastor, in my opinion. He should stop trying to justify his misguided mess by dragging other people into it. His skeletons are all he needs to be concerned about. Lord knows he has enough to keep him busy til the end of time.


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