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Pussycat Doll Blows Cover On Industry Prostitution Methods!

Reader Pastor G. Craige Lewis of Ex-ministries has an interesting article up on his site about how sex magic rituals are used in the music industry.  According to Pastor Lewis, these rituals are real and in order to rise to prominence in the music industry you must sell your soul to the devil and perform these rituals to exemplify it.

Jesus Take The Wheel: Church Does Harry Potter For Halloween???

Who in their right mind would have a Harry Potter church event? Why won't pastors preach Jesus Christ crucified and let the Holy Spirit do His work, gathering who God calls? Nall, instead churches is becoming THIS of the world, or THAT of the world, thinking that they have a quota to meet, preaching a gospel that is of Heaven and not of this world.

 Oh, how far the church has left her first love. So many "Christians" are clueless to deception because its more important to have a "good feelings" than the Truth who is Jesus Christ-a reflection of God's goodness.


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