Has The Church Of God In Christ, Holy Convocation Become Nothing More Than A Money Making Machine?

 Lord have mercy, did y'all know a Prime corner booth and a standard corner booth at the 2014 International Holy Convocation, is a whopping $1,100 dollars? I'm just asking!   Anyhow, the annual holy convocation of the Church of God in Christ, Inc., commonly known as COGIC, in Memphis is under way in St Louis MS. The comment posted below is from a long time COGIC member of the old grand church, who is somewhat, frustrated at the state of the Holy Convocation.
The comment was found in the comment section of Mr. McCray's  Blog. 

I think it’s a CRYING shame what the COGIC Conventions have turned out to be in the last past years. A time of consecration, renewal, fellowship and empowerment, have been replaced by MANY with lust, hook ups, adultery, fornication, flamboyant gays, fashion competitions, hitting the club scene, gay chat sites, bathhouses and evil deeds.

 Many have made a complete MOCKERY out of this event. Instead of going with a GREAT expectation to be blessed, be a blessing and see the power of God move and being demonstrated in the midst of his people, many are going with wrong motives and with the anticipation of meeting, greeting and being complete WHORES!!!!

 Husbands just waiting to leave their wives at home, with eager desires to sleep around with other men, and vice versa. There was a time when COGIC really meant something to people, but throughout the years, just like any other denomination, it has been marred by abuse, scandals, and unspeakable sin.

 It’s pitiful when the EVIL ways of men are MORE noticeable in “some” of these conventions rather than the power and the glory of the true and living God! It is sad, shameful, evil, and disrespectful. Please do not get my comment wrong and THINK that I am against the COGIC.

 However, what I am AGAINST is the bold, despicable, unrepentant, rebellious, ungodly, and sexual behavior of some so-called “saved” people who claim to know God and be in RIGHT relationship and fellowship with him, but use these conventions as an excuse to commit all sorts of UNGODLY acts.

 They get mad when you EXPOSE their evil actions and speak against their behavior. In other words, they call it “JUDGING” or speaking against God’s “ANOINTED” ones, not even realizing what the meaning of “judging” and “touch not my anointed ones” really mean. It’s not CHEAP to attend the COGIC Conventions and it’s pitiful that “some” men and women spend hundreds of dollars to attend the convention only to be sluts and tramps.

Right now, as I speak, there are probably thousands of ministers, pastors, evangelists, choir members, musicians, overseers, and other plain folks waiting in anticipation to “let their hair down” and DEGRADE the real SPIRITUAL meaning of this convocation.

To those who are going with pure hearts, right motives, faith, and expecting to see a move of God, I pray that God will richly bless you mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally, and financially during this time of fellowship.

For those who are going to be seen, hook up, sleep around, show off your “new” clothing, laugh and talk about people, be ungodly, sinful, irresponsible, gutter whores, and to parade around to show your “gay” pride, I pray that God will be merciful to you, expose your actions, convict your hearts of sin, righteousness and the coming judgment of God.

In closing, I want to leave you with this, 1 John 1:6 “If we say that we have fellowship with Him and yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth.” (New American Standard Bible).


  1. This is "Bufoonery just for the sake of a $$$$$.....Only in the Black Community.

  2. My parents went to one in the late 90s and said they would not go again. They hated all the booths and selling. I thought that when Bishop Patterson came that he stopped all of this mess. Maybe I'm wrong. I left COGIC in 1977 when I moved away for college. Way too much of the love of money for me. Sadly too many Christian groups have joined the bandwagon.


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