Forgiveness Conference: Vickie Yohe & Iyanla Vanzant?!?!

Very interesting mix going on here, a New Church for a New Day... At Abundant Life Ministries we don't just do church, we Keep It Real... Real Talk for Real Relationship for Real Power. Our vision is simple...Encourage, equip and empower the people of God through the Gospel message of Hope, Healing and Power. We are a non-traditional, non-denominational Real Word church with a passion for meeting people where they are, changing lives from the inside out, and holistically applying the uncluttered Gospel message of Jesus Christ to power for everyday living.


  1. A new church alright!

  2. Any time I see Rev. Dr. Iyanla Vanzant the Yoruba priestess,who's an ordained New Thought minister....and talk show host, doctoral candidate, spiritual life counselor plus author of several best selling books....that's mostly geared toward the African American a conference as a speaker for Christians I cringe.

  3. A lot of Christian churches are embracing Iyanla....she refer to herself as an “empowerment specialist”, she is the co-founder of the Inner Visions: The Institute for Spiritual Development which states that its offerings “are designed to facilitate and support Personal Development and Spiritual Evolution. We believe that personal well-being and spiritual unfolding is a function of knowing who you are – your Authentic Identity; why you are on the planet – your Life’s Purpose and the role you play in the divine order of life – your Inter-Connectedness to Source/God.”

  4. Apparently some churches didn't get the memo that Ayanla Vanzant is NOT A CHRISTIAN.

    Or they just don't care who who talks to the people they serve.

  5. "God told me to do four things: Tell my story, teach His law, write books,
    and make people laugh. That's what God told me to do...
    What I write about, I live." --- Iyanla Vanzant

    Listening to or reading Iyanla talk about God, anybody can be misled into
    thinking that she's talking or writing about the God of the bible.
    Especially, since she makes reference to the Bible or Jesus in some of her
    But it doesn't take long for anybody to see through her falsehood, and see
    her for who she is. That is, a traditionalist and a paganist disguised as a
    messenger of God. Yeah! Now, that may surprise some of you. Particularly
    those of you who have read all or some of her books, and have come to see
    her as God-sent. But I intend to show you in this article, that she is
    anything but a messenger of God! More here!


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