Bishop Eric Lloyd Opens New Christian Light Club For Teens!

Show and Tell Gospel:

Bishop Eric Lloyd of Rhema International Church in Metro Detroit is so convinced that the next generation has to be minister to totally differently than the generation before them. That, he has opened up a light club for them.  We have to do things differently to get their attention. But once we do that, we can get them either introduced or excited again about Christ! The Edge, Metro Detroit’s Premier Christian Light Club. The grand opening night of The Edge was Friday, October 31st at 9pm until 1am and will be open every Friday Night.


  1. As a longtime youth worker my experience is that the youth need love, attention, fellowship and most importantly the Word of God! Times change, but every generation has the same problem: sin! It's no problem to use modern tools in ministry, but imitating the world is absolutely no option. People are so focused on numbers even if you have 2 youths in the youth ministry, the Lord can use them to impact a generation. The Holy Spirit doesn't need our help to get their attention and to bring change. Wonder where did this bishop??!! get this idea from, certainly not from the Lord. It's a sad day.....

  2. Wow, a club for 13 and up Friday nights from 9P till 1A. So they'll be out like the grown folks but worshipping the Lord? This has a bad ending written all over it. Not my child and also it says nothing about chaperones at all. I guess the "and up" is suppose to make a parent feel betree about it. But I wouldn't let my child party it up with the & up crowd.

  3. Wonders if Ann Brock agrees with this?

  4. Wow, brothers & sisters it's time to take Jesus, out of the box! He's not boring! And the reasons our youth are walking away from the faith is because they are YOUNG & bored. It's biblical & Christ based. What we have been doing isn't working. So it's time we did away with narrow mindedness. I wish I had something like this growing up. And I can guarantee you the Holy Spirit will be present there. God bless you all.


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