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Rev.Jesse Jackson Sr. Leads Local Ferguson Protest!

At Operation PUSH’s headquarters today Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr. and Baltimore Maryland Pastor Reverend Jamal Bryant, was at the head of a peace demonstration to protest the decision by the St. Louis County grand jury to not indict officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown.  They also are pushing for a federal investigation in Brown’s death.

Bishop T.D. Jakes Ministries Black Friday Sale!

Lord have mercy, as quiet as it's kept, all Bishop Jakes MP3's will be 50% off until Monday, December 1st, 2014. What's a Christian to do? Black Friday is a sure sign that the holiday season is finally and officially upon us, Belks, Wal-Mart,Target, and other major retailers have been releasing ads for months, for their Black Friday sales. So  I'm  guessing the Gospel community is finally getting into the act.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving from the staff and I, here at The Old Black Church. Just a wonderful reminder for all, as we enjoy the Lord's blessings & provision today, let us guard our hearts from the spirit of gluttony.

Saints Tight End Ben Watson Essay Goes Viral!

Saints tight end Benjamin Watson took to social media Monday night to weigh in on the Ferguson, Missouri conflict and the, post by the tight end has gone viral. Watson, a Christian who played collegiately at Georgia, poured his feelings about the situation in a Facebook post that he subsequently shared in his Twitter feed, and it has since been shared more than 175,000 times.

Pastor John F Hannah Plea For Help!!

Pastor John Hannah posted the below comment to his Facebook page as a warning to all:
 PLEASE KNOW THIS IS A FAKE FAN PAGE IN MY NAME. I have reported this page several times but can't get this page shut down. It has over 1800 likes and is inboxing people requesting money be sent to Africa. I'm lost and don't know what else to do to shut it down. Please report it and inform people not to like this page or send money. PLEASE PRAY THAT THIS PAGE IS SHUT DOWN!!!

Lord Have Mercy Bishop Jakes Fires Back At Deitrick Haddon And His Foolish Talk!

As quiet as it is kept Deitrick Haddon seems to think Bishop, T.D. Jakes, Bishop Paul S. Morton & Creflo Dollar should allow reality show cameras into their lives so they can share more of their lives with their pew sitters.
 But, according to,, there is one "GOOD" reason why T.D. Jakes has not “opened his doors” … Because his plate is already full.

Christian Rapper LeCrae Just Stumble Upon Some Real Truth On His Own Facebook Page.

As quiet as it's kept, Grammy-award winner Lecrae Moore has found out via his own Facebook page just how mean and ugly some in the Kingdom of GOD can be.  White conservative racism and Christianity what a mix. Lecrae posted the following comment to his Facebook page and "BAM" the racist came for him:
"Sometimes I wonder how we get so up in arms and culturally empathize with people in other countries. But can't do that in our own backyard. We rushed to Haiti. We Adopt in Asia. We empathize with Africa. But struggle to humanize our struggles here in the states. Some people are responding out of hurt and are met with smug responses. If I tell you my brother got killed in a gang war, would you tell me "That's what he gets! Shouldn't be gang banging!" Of course not. As a Christian I see a Jesus empathize with the MOST undeserving people ever.  He offers a thief on the cross a home in Paradise. He dies for a rioting mob of angry killers. He looks u…

'The Rob Bell Show' Will Premiere on The OWN Channel!

According to internet rumors, Rob Bell, former megachurch pastor and bestselling author, will finally have his new self-help show premiere on the Oprah Winfrey Network next month, just a few days before Christmas.

Jamal Bryant Spearheads Coalition of Black Churches in Announcing A National Economic Mobilization Protest: #HandsUPDon’tSpend!

According to Copy line News Magazine, Dr. Jamal-Harrison Bryant, Pastor and Founder of Empowerment Temple Church and President of the Empowerment Movement, announced the launch of a new national economic mobilization effort titled #HandsUpDon’tSpend.

 This strategic collaboration is anchored by faith-based denominations from across the country that have united to demonstrate the power of the African American dollar! The Empowerment Movement, a non-partisan organization, is supported by the AME Church, AME Zion, COGIC, Progressive, Bible Way Churches, Full Gospel, Gospel Music Workshop of America, CME, United Covenant Churches, Harvest Churches, Fellowship of International Word of Faith, Church of God, Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law and the Congressional Black Caucus.

Should The COGIC Church Be Rebuke For Saying One Thing While Doing Another?

Is the COGIC sending a mixed message, on the subject of homosexuality?  Some folks seem to think so. 

 On Sunday, Nov. 16, we in the Christian community got to see first hand and hear the Presiding Bishop of the Church of God In Christ openly rebuked one of its own for using strong language, while speaking out against homosexuality. The church has since apologized, to the young man who had claimed deliverance from homosexuality.

Anyhow, the below video is now causing some in the community to question the old church stand on homosexuality and, are they sending a mixed message?

Last month, Sunday, October 5, 2014, Bishop Charles E. Blake and West Angeles Church of God In Christ presented Praise Break ‘14. Which featured John P. Kee and the New Life Community Choir, along with the West Angeles Mass Choir. As quiet as it's kept, some in the world of social media is questioning why was Tonex called on stage during this event to sing and not call to repentance? Especially when one is t…


On yesterday, November 23, 2014, Shiloh Church and Ridgewood Baptist Church (soon to be Shiloh of Orange Park) had its first UNITY SERVICE to help the members of each church get to know each other, pray with one another and take the Lord’s Supper (Communion) together.

 To kick-off the service a short video was played to show how these two ministries began the courtship of becoming one.

Sad News: DC Has Lost It Mayor For Life, Marion Barry.

Thanks to Donnie Simpson, for a wonderful Facebook post about DC Mayor, Marion Barry.  After Mayor Barry, passing early today there have been plenty of negative posts written about him, for me this particular post was refreshing to read.

 Our people have become so negative lately that they continue to overlook the good in others. His service to the community will truly be missed. He did a lot for a community that loved him and supported him. RIP Mayor Marion Barry.

Congratulation To The Newly Married Sarah Jakes & Hollywood Pastor To The Stars, Toure Roberts!


Christian University Stands By Bill Cosby As Speaker At Benefit Dinner!

We have got to stop these trials by the media. What's your thoughts on this? Should they cancel?

A Christian university in Tennessee says it will not reconsider inviting Bill Cosby to speak at the school’s upcoming benefit dinner. This decision has sparked criticism due to recent sexual assault accusations against the famous comedian. Freed-Hardeman University said that the dinner scheduled for Dec. 5 will go on as planned.


COGIC, is calling for saints all over the world to push back their plates, fast, pray and shut-in if possible for 3 days, regarding the situation in Ferguson Missouri.

The media have indicated the Grand Jury's decision regarding Officer Darren Wilson and the shooting death of Michael Brown will be announced on Sunday, Nov. 23rd.  

Update: Pastor Walter F. Houston, Is The Houston Pastor That Refuses To Bury 93 Year Old Grandmother For Nonpayment Of Tithes.

Lord have mercy, "NO TITHES NO FUNERAL" SAYS HOUSTON PASTOR. According to CFR a pastor out of Houston, Texas, is refusing to bury a woman who has been a member for 50 years, all because she  hadn't paid tithes recently. But as quite as it kept, the grandmother was in Hospice Care!

Update: The pastor's name who refuses to bury 93 year old grandmother, is Rev. Walter F. Houston and the name of his church  is the 4th Missionary Baptist Church, Houston TX.

Lord Have Mercy, Why Is The Church Of God In Christ Threatening To Take Legal Action Against Andrew Caldwell Over iTune Song???

According to the buzz on the net, the background singers and music has been added to audio of Andrew Caldwell’s proclamation that he’s been “delivered” from being gay and the remixed song has been released on iTunes.

But, as quite as it's kept, The Church of God In Christ has asked him to stop because they own the audio — and they believe the song is poking fun at the service. But of course, young Andrew Caldwell claims he has copyright ownership of the song — and that the audio is, after all, his voice and no one else’s — and has refused to stop selling the song. Listen to the song here:

Lord Have Mercy, Ben Carson Feel The Finger Of God Touching Him And Telling Him To Run In 2016!

Oh well, here we go again, another person from the far right, who believes he has been hand-picked by God to run for president. That should automatically raise a red flag for voters, it does for me. In my opinion, anyone who says God tells them to go into politics is someone that I would never vote for. Sorry Dr. Ben Carson!

Jesus Take The Wheel: More Foolishness From The Man Of God????

As quiet as it's kept, this is one of the reasons folks don't follow organized religions. People will believe everything their leader tells them. This present world we are now living-in, is coming to a fast end. It has been revealed via email that the pastor in this particular picture had the nerve to ask the female members of the church who are spinsters to a beach, where they were asked to undress and were kissed on their bare bottom as a sign for them to receive their prospective husbands, which they all quickly agreed to.

History Making Move In Jacksonville, FL: Black And White Church Merge With Hopes To Improve Race Relations!

Fantastic! Pastor, HB Charles is a fantastic preacher and expositor. According to Frist Coast News, in the coming year a predominately African-American Church (Shiloh) in Jacksonville will take over a mainly white church in Orange Park, FL.  The senior pastors of both churches say it's the first time they've heard of such a merger.

 "We're excited about what the Lord is doing and the opportunity He's provided for us," said Michael Clifford, Pastor of Ridgewood Baptist Church in Orange Park.

Earlier this year, Clifford said financial obligations were becoming such a concern, he was worried about losing the property. He says merging was one of the only ways out. "Shiloh was the answer to our prayers," he said.

Bishop Elect- Marvin L Winans & Perfecting Church Response To Negative Media Coverage!!

According to Perfecting Church Facebook page, they have seen a preview of a negative news story that a local TV station in Detroit is planning to run regarding properties owned by the church, and they are not too happy about it. As quiet as it's kept, the Church had purchased several properties from the city of Detroit as well as from Wayne County that sat dormant on their rolls for many, many years. Listen to and read what Bishop Elect Winans had to say here.

Dr. Myles Munroe Spoke Out Forcefully Against Homosexuality Two Months Before His Death!

As quiet as it's kept, Dr Myles Munroe's view against homosexuality is well known as he had spoken on the subject on radio shows and on television in the past.  For many Bahamians in the LGBT community, the removed press release from the ministry's website  was not a surprise, at all.   Many in the LGBT community in the past, have called Dr. Munroe out saying we people are humans, and as citizens of this country, we are entitled to rights and protections.

For those who do not agree with homosexuality, this is a very interesting read. According to Gay Christian Movement Watch, two months before his tragic death on November 9th, Dr. Myles Munroe once again spoke out forcibly and eloquently against homosexuality in a press release entitled “Homosexuality: Phobia or Principle” (Aug 31st).

The Presiding Bishop Of COGIC Is Threatening To Move Their Annual Convention Out Of St. Louis!

As quiet as it's kept, the Church of God in Christ, has had "boots on the ground" since August in Ferguson, Missouri. I wish to say thank-you.  I also want to thank and salute the national leadership of COGIC for standing up and against injustices, for a downtrodden community.

 The largest Pentecostal denomination in the country is thinking about moving its annual conference far, far away from St. Louis, unless some serious concerns are not addressed in Ferguson. The Church of God and Christ has added  millions of hard earn dollars into the St. Louis economy over the years, and the death of Michael Brown can possibly stop those coins. Last week, Presiding Bishop of COGIC,  Charles E. Blake sent Governor Nixon a letter with a list of concerns in relation to the death of young Michale Brown. The main request is that justice is served in the police shooting case.

Church Announcement: Funeral Services For Dr. Myles & Ruth Munroe.

According to information found on the BFMI website.  Funeral services for Dr. Myles Munroe and his beautiful wife, Ruth, will be held Dec. 4 at Bahamas Faith Ministries International Diplomat Center. Prior to the funeral service, a "National Memorial Service of Thanksgiving & Praise" will be held on Dec. 3, at the 15,000-seat Thomas Robinson Stadium in Nassau, Bahamas. Dr. Myles, his wife and seven others were killed last Sunday after the plane they were flying in hit a construction crane in a shipyard on an approach to the Grand Bahama International Airport.

Bishop Charles Blake Have Come Under Fire For Calling Out One Of His Pastors For Harshly Speaking Against Homosexuals "disrespectful", "offensive", and "inappropriate"!

A number of people agree with the comments made today by Presiding Bishop Charles Blake during morning service, and of course others do not. What's your thoughts?

YouTube Comment:  Thank you Bishop Blake for being bold enough to respond at all to this mess. It did start with an offensive and disrespectful sermon. “. . . With love and kindness have I drawn thee.” “He that wins souls is wise.” The issue is not whether or not the truth was told. The issue is HOW it was told! I was there! I don’t have to rely on a video clip! And while there are those who would use this sad circumstance to attack a leader or one organization, the reality is that the Body of Christ looks bad. Only those filled with the Spirit of God can comprehend the magnitude of the shame that has been brought on the Body. Others use social media to spread ignorance. Finally, while it may be a shame for men to show up at a Convocation looking like women, it is also a shame to sleep with another man’s wife,…

Congratulation To Dr Dave Burrows Who Has Been Chosen The Senior Pastor Of Bahamas Faith Ministries.

Congratulations to Dr Dave Burrows. Who served faithfully with Dr Myles Munroe for over 20 years in ministry has now been chosen the Senior Pastor of Bahamas Faith Ministries.

Also, Ty Adams the "spiritual" daughter of Dr. Myles & Ruth Munroe's. Post the above pic to her Facebook Page with the following comment:

The chairs that my mom and papa faithfully sat in were adorned this morning in their honor at our service today. I couldn't hold back the tears in seeing these chairs today.... In loving memory of Dr. Myles and Ruth Ann Munroe

The Greater Travelers Rest Baptist Church Anniversary Was All The Way Live, Today!

Church Anniversary,  today has been all the way live. I want to give a shout out to Pastor E. Dewey Smith for always thinking outside the box. Today the church had over 5 generation present during services.  To celebrate each generation, the church played a gospel and secular song that represented each generation.

 As quiet as it's kept, Dr E. Dewey Smith said he already knows he's going to get some heat for the church celebration,  but who cares we only live once. To tell you the truth, I for one, really enjoyed it, via way of the internet and I really enjoyed the wonderful preach word by Pastor Frank E. Ray.

Update, Pastor Smith has a rebuttal for all you haters! Take that. 

Because Satanists Wanted The Right To Distribute Satanic Coloring Books In School, Results in School Board Banning Bibles!??!?

According to Christian News Net, a Florida school board has moved to change its distribution policy to ban all religious materials from being handed out in schools after a New York-based Satanic organization sought to distribute coloring books to students.

Bishop Mason Would Turn Over In His Grave To See The Circus COGIC Organization Has Become!!

Benjamin Jimerson-Phillips, the son of COGIC First Elected Presiding Bishop J.O. Patterson Sr. Says he understands why the COGIC Organization has come under fire in the last couple of days. And according to Benjamin Jimerson-Phillips, the organization really needs to take a long look at the basics of what the Org. has done to cause this type of plague at its own doorstep. He goes into details here!!

Church Announcement: The Inaugural Celebration Banquet For Bishop Patrick Wooden Sr.!

Congratulations Bishop Patrick L. Wooden Sr.!

COGIC General Assembly Passed A Resolution Restating Its Position On Same Sex Marriage:

The General Assembly of the Church Of God In Christ passed a resolution restating its position on same sex marriage during its November Session following the 107th International Holy Convocation in St. Louis, Click here to read the resolution.

Church Announcement: The Word Network Is Joining Dr. E. Dewey Smith JR. Live On New Year's Eve.


Young, Andrew Caldwell I Owe You An Apology, Please Accept.

After, having a talk on yesterday with someone, that  I highly respect. I have decided to remove the posts I had up surrounding, young Andrew Caldwell testimony of coming out. The footage showing young Caldwell, who renounces his homosexuality at the COGIC Holy Convocation event in St Louis, has since been viewed more than a million times, online.

My heart goes out to this innocent young man.  I'm thinking there should be plenty of guilty conscious in the COGIC organization right now.....but of course I know there' isn't. For some reason, I keep forgetting that today's church is run on the business model, where one doesn't need consciousness, at all.  Anyway, I believe young Andrew has found himself in a whirlwind that's not of his making and it's sad.  I'm praying to God, that he comes out of this storm better, than the way he went in.  This young man came forward with good intention last week at the COGIC Holy Convocation, when he announced to the w…

Jesus Take The Wheel: Pastor Banned From Church Holds Curbside Bible Study!

Lord have mercy, Pastor Darryl Momon is prohibited from preaching to his own congregation. Now if it were me...I would leave until they ask me back... It sets a bad tone for any minister to force himself where he's not wanted... Anyhow, our prayers are with this congregation and Pastor. Here’s why he was voted out, arrested and what he’s doing now instead.

Church Announcement: Fake Woman of God, There's Too Much Sex In Your Ministry!

Very interesting blog post, in which the author writes about "The Fake Woman of God" who deliberately dress too provocative in the pulpit. And how this particular careless style of dressing can cause harm to others.

The Christian Community Are Appalled That Kellogg's Would Use Tony The Tiger In ‘Gay Pride’ Advertisement!

Has Kelloggs strayed far from its Christian beginnings, and is now following the love of money? Some in the Christian community seems to think so and are upset with the above gay pride advertisement flyer..... Kellogg's started as a somewhat Christian Company years ago (Seventh Day Adventist).

A number of Christians are expressing outrage after a popular cereal company recently used Tony the Tiger in a print advertisement promoting “gay pride.” “Wear your stripes with pride,” an advertisement featuring the Frosted Flakes icon, was reportedly published in the Atlanta, Georgia pride guide last month to coincide with the city’s homosexual pride march and festival. Kellogg had served as one of the sponsors for the event. The advertisement reads:
 “At Kellogg, we’re an evolving culture that respects and accepts employees’ sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression so that all employees can be authentic and fully engaged.”  Thoughts?

Bishop Carlton Pearson Heartfelt Statement About The Death Of His Beloved Friend Dr. Myles Munroe.

I don't often feel as speechless as I do tonight, at the stunning news of the sudden transition of my beloved brother and friend Dr. Myles Munroe, his dear wife Ruth and 7 other precious souls in a tragic plane crash only a few hours ago.

We were close and dear friends for over 40 years. Gina met him before she met me and said he was always her favorite teacher. He and I joked about that over the years. He filled my pulpit here in Tulsa while I was away the first two weeks of our honeymoon. Our relationship was built on extreme respect, trust and love.

Shocking News: Dr. Myles Munroe And Wife Dead In Plane Crash.

According to Dr. Myles Munroe Facebook page, the leader of Bahamas Faith Ministries, he and his beautiful wife Ruth have been killed in a plane crash in Grand Bahama.

He was in route to the Global Leadership Forum. A forum titled “Leading Change In A Globalized World, Through Principled Innovative Leadership.”

The Bahamas are mourning his loss, but we know that The Lord's perfect will be done. We also celebrate his many accomplishments! Well done, good and faithful servant!!

Andrae Crouch Announces “Let The Church Say Amen” Celebration Tour, Which Will Feature Top Gospel Artists!

Got the above flyer in my email this morning, the title seems a bit misleading to me- it makes it look like Andraé Crouch will be touring with them when in reality he will not.

Gospel music legend Andraé Crouch will be honored with the Let the Church Say Amen Celebration Tour in cities nationwide this holiday season.

The tour will feature guest performances by some of Gospels top artists, including CeCe Winans, Marvin Winans, Israel Houghton, Rance Allen and jazz artist Gerald Albright.

Say What? Is It True, This Year Church Of God In Christ Convocation Was A Coming Out Event For Members Of The Gay Community???

Lord have mercy, Church Folks Revolution has put up a "video"that's sure to go viral. The video in question is one of  Superintendent Earl Carter going rogue, at this year’s Church of God in Christ’s 107th annual Holy Convocation. According to the church folks Revolution someone scheduled the wrong Pastor to speak and they have obtained, the video to prove it.

 According to the video COGIC Superintendent went all the way off on Pastors and Gay Choir Directors. Pimp Preacher has learned that this year Church of God in Christ Convocation appeared at times like a “coming out party” for members of the gay community – and apparently this is what caused Superintendent Earl Carter to go rogue.

Jesus Take The Wheel: Church Does Harry Potter For Halloween???

Who in their right mind would have a Harry Potter church event? Why won't pastors preach Jesus Christ crucified and let the Holy Spirit do His work, gathering who God calls? Nall, instead churches is becoming THIS of the world, or THAT of the world, thinking that they have a quota to meet, preaching a gospel that is of Heaven and not of this world.

 Oh, how far the church has left her first love. So many "Christians" are clueless to deception because its more important to have a "good feelings" than the Truth who is Jesus Christ-a reflection of God's goodness.

Question Of The Day: Should There Be A Size Limit To The "BIG" Church Lady Hats?

Lord have mercy, does a big hat give some women's attitudes and make them stand up straight and walk proud, or what?  Is there a reason that some women call their big hat crowns?
Personally, I love hats for some women, but I am not a fan of the big lamp shade, flying saucer, stovepipe, flashy church lady hats.

I am talking about the kind like in the above pics.... The kind that no one wants to be stuck sitting behind on any Sunday morning because you can see nothing but hats. So, are you a fan of the big church lady hat?