Update: What's In The "HELL" Is Meant By Grown Folks Gospel?


Am, I the only one asking the question, what is meant by the grown folk gospel? Now I watch J Moss videos on his FB page. He's done a series of them to explain the title. I tell you I don't get it. His fans and followers are saying there's a meaning behind the title and that I am missing.

Anyhow, The “Praise On The Inside” singer is gearing up to release his new LP ‘Grown Folks Gospel’, and so as to whip up heightened excitement he has unmasked the LP’s official cover. Preceded by lead single “Alright, Ok“, the set is scheduled to arrive on November 25th with guest appearances from PJ Morton and 21:03.

Update: J Moss, Facebook Page:
 Actually, I'm not worried about the heat I may get from dropping #GFG. I'm more worried about the heat from GOD if I didn't release #GFG ... We have to stop worrying about what man may or may not feel when God gives us a directive and a lane ... We miss so many blessings cuz we are chasing tradition ... But isn't that backwards? How can u chase something that's behind you ... If anyone has any questions as to why God gave me this CD .... U will have to ask Him ..... Put let me help u --- ask at UR own risk ...


  1. To whom it may concern: The title of your article should be less offensive to "Christians"....Perhaps "Ettique Lessons" are needed for future reference.

  2. Hehe! Thanks for the comment but I like the title of the article.


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