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Dallas Megachurch Pastor Robert Morris On Racism!

Reader kudos to this pastor for saying what he said, and for how he said it, straight with no chaser. During a sermon this past weekend, Pastor Robert Morris of Dallas’ Gateway Church — one of the largest in the country — explained how racism is partly the church problem.  This past weekend, Pastor Robert Morris shared a powerful message titled “A Lack of Understanding” where he encouraged the church to stand against the evils of racism. Must watch, your jaw will drop.  You can only imagine how the rest of the sermon went.

Check out the clip below. 

Top Ten Preachers Everybody Should Know!

Ten Preachers Everybody Should Know:
I love lists, everywhere you turn, there's a list for this or that. We are a society of listers. You got your bucket list, grocery lists, to-do lists, bestseller lists, etc......Mainstream magazine feature lists, entire websites are devoted to lists. Even museums have now begun to celebrate lists.

With that being said, in celebration of October being Pastor Appreciation Month, MOMENTUM Writer, Marissa Glover, compound a list of ten preachers everybody should know. Ms. Glover said she looked all over the country and came up with pastors who different styles and ministries, but the same mission – proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. Nice list There. 


  1. this list is bias and one-sided... I could name preachers who'll preach circles around these preachers and who's ministries are thriving...

  2. Rev.come-on now! You have to remember this is Ms. Glover's personally list of preacher's everybody should know. If either you or I composed a list of preachers that everybody should know these same preachers most likely would not be on our list.


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