The Below Picture Of Pastor Jamal Bryant Have Rubbed Folks On Social Media The Wrong Way!?!?


Do you agree that Pastor Jamal Bryant is the new MLK/Malcolm X?
Some folks seem to think so. Pastor Bryant posted the above pic and the following quote to social media this morning.... Y'all know the rest:  If you can't find something worth dying for..... You aren't fit to live!!

Facebook Comment:" I have a problem with these self appointed black leaders that place themselves in the middle of things when the media is around. Young black men have been getting killed by police and by each other for decades especially in Baltimore City and no NAACP, PASTOR JAMAL BRYANT, AL SHARPTON; SO ON AND SO ON HAVE HELd a March,news conference or just gone out into our communities to talk to these young men. Most young black men never even heard of the NAACP. SO WE AS A COMMUNITY NEED TO CALL THERE'S PEOPLE FOR WHAT THEY ARE .ME myself, I try and talk to the young men I come in contact with at work in my neighborhood daily and to see people seem to be popping up when the camera comes around, well no wonder we as a race continue to fail our young people." 


  1. I believe he is doing what every other Preacher, Pastor, or Elder should be doing his not just sitting in the pulpit collecting some change for a vacation or whatever the story maybe, he's not talking about it but being about it like some of the other mighty Saint's of God should be doing. Im just saying!

  2. There will never be another MLK Jr. ! All of those who think they are the reincarnation of MLK, is dead wrong. We are suppose to imitate the man , Jesus Christ ! He is the example for all Believers, be they male or female. Civil Rights Advocates are just doing their reasonable service. Jamal Bryant has done nothing extraordinary, and cant possibly be compare to MLK. Of course, there is no one like HIM, Jesus , but we are to strive to be more and more like HIM everyday.

    1. You are absolutely right! I am neither white nor black but blacks are my heroes their faith, endurance, character, courage, perseverance have always been an absolute inspiration but I am disappointed with all these black leaders who are sowing the seeds of enmity, hatred and rejection in the minds of young black people and eventually turning them away from Jesus.

      Even their fathers who endured the actual slavery do not have this much of hatred which has helped them to tread paths never dreamt! I wish the black young men and women will realize that the answer to fire is not fire but cold water. No one can have any authority on you beyond what God has permitted (John 19:11). The secret is to get back to the Bible and prayer like your forefathers did! That would be your toke of gratitude for them!

  3. Poor thing is so desparate. God looks at our heart. Not how many likes or retweets we accumulate.

  4. Someone PLEASE find this man a reality show so he won't have to go searching for a spot light he so desperately loves.

    And while I am typing.

  5. Is he serious???

  6. He is like our modern day Dr. King the dream is real.

  7. l I liked pastor Jamal Bryant. ...until he started comparing himself to Dr. King....come on Bro....I just heard about u.....this is so disrespectful. ...SMH.....keep at it maybe you'll achieve what he did.

  8. Why do we feel intrigued to compare ourselves to others? why can't we just be who God ordained us to be for this present age? I'm me and can't nobody beat me at being me... thanks be to God, I don't have to commercialize myself... nor do I have to try and be somebody else... I'm comfortable being me... and I pray we'll all would stop trying to be somebody we're not... not just Jamal Bryant, but to the women who have to buy fake hair, injections, and plastic surgery... to the men who are dying their hair and whatever other measures one take to be accepted by society... we all must stop with this madness and learn to love who God created us to be...

  9. Why stop at the fake hair for men and women? Why not take it a step further Rev Kareem, and speak against " false teeth ", dental implants and dental partials and false breasts for women who have survived breast cancer surgery. Too bad for those people who have to take Chemo and Radiation. Cancer meds, High Blood Pressure/ Diabetic meds and other and meds can take your hair out too. How about false limbs for amputees for War Vets and accident victims? Huh? What about all those fake things? How about folks who use " teeth whitening " chemicals for stained teeth? Is that going "Hollywood" too? Your criticism is very subjective and its like comparing apples to oranges.! We are not to judge one another according to our PERSONAL , likes and dislikes. Having a good understanding is a gift from God! NEVER HOLD A FREE PERSON, TO YOUR OWN PERSONAL STANDARD! How an individual chooses to groom themselves and utilize their own personal freedom of choice to reasonably alter their appearance is different from someone mimicking another human beings personality. Personal bias is just that: It`s personal. Now when it comes to selective mutilation of the human body by getting certain types of plastic surgeries, then that individual has to face those possible consequences that may occur. Rev Kareem, if you don't like wigs, then don't put one on. You don like dyed hair, then you continue to walk around looking the way you choose to look. Don't impose your personal likes and dis-likes on your relatives, your neighbors or your co-workers or other people.


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