Sarah Jakes Engaged? Trades Affectionate Messages With a Hollywood Pastor Who's Old Enough To Be Her Father!

Los Angeles Pastor Touré Roberts shared a picture on Instagram Friday of him and Sarah Jakes is embracing each other, proclaiming in Spanish "I had a great time in Atlanta with this beautiful woman! I cannot wait for her to officially become my wife!"  See more at:  


  1. He and his wife Lori have 3 children and from pics of his wife’s Instagram page, they were still together as recent as their daughter’s prom and send off to college. It looks to me like he was still married when he hooked up with this child and its possible they may still be married now. The “sermon” he gave a few weeks back on his FB about how they met just doesn’t jive with me. Reading between the lines he made her sound like a fast hoe. He spent a whole hour and half trying to justify why he broke up with his wife to get with this child, claiming it was God ordained. (As if his wife of 23 years was just a time filler until his “soul mate” came along when he finally realized he had a “purpose” in life. That’s basically how he put it in a nutshell.)
    These people need to stop playing games with marriages…theirs and everybody else’s. Marriage is a covenant, not something to be entered into lightly nor something to get into before the previous one is over. Nor is it something you jump into when you haven’t learned a lesson from the first one. IF however, his divorce was made final THAT quickly, I’m more inclined to believe these two are already married. It won’t be the first time she’s lied and hid something from her parents. And it won’t be the first time her family tried to cover up her mistakes – from the pregnancy to the first shotgun wedding – and shove it down the Body of Christ’s throats as if this should set the new acceptable moral standard for God’s women. The comments on their Instagram pages and Toure’s long drawn sermon attempting to preach this relationship into the “spiritual realm” on FB, seems too suspect. It has “make wrong right” written all over it. I also don’t buy those sad innocent doll eye outta this girl. Toure said himself that they sat together at a conference, had never met, and when the service was over, she turned to him and told him, I’ll be in LA next week and you’re taking me to dinner”. (Doesn’t sound like some naive PK who doesn’t understand how she ended up so broken/damaged and in pain after a recently failed marriage. Sounds more like a hard grown woman who knows exactly how to play up to any man – regardless of his age or marital status – to get exactly what she wants, regardless of who she hurts.)
    This is not cute. The fact that the church believes it is, (based on all the congratulatory comments on their FB pages) is really sad.
    My prayers are with his wife and “3.5” children he has to raise and take care of. (Because this child he’s about to marry seems to be a “half child short” of a full minded individual. Hopefully she can babysit b/c she doesn’t seem to have enough intellect to be a mother much less a step-parent of kids, one of whom is just 4 years younger than she.)

  2. Girl she was pushing up with this man while he was still with his wife. I can’t believe all the people condoning this in social media.

  3. I think Toure' Roberts is already married. I follow him on twitter.

  4. I wish her the best if this is true.

  5. The current status of that Pastor`s marriage when he got involved with Miss Jakes is what is important ! Hopefully they didn't disregard the fact of his marital status and jump into a relationship. That would be all out of order. The age difference isn't necessarily the problem ! If you read the scriptures, there aren't any restrictions concerning full grown people, who are not related, and who both consent in a relationship. Now, there are social stigmas and personal bias`s , that are shared in today`s society and amongst the Saints. Back in the day, it didn't always matter about the age difference when both people were fully grown. For centuries, we all know that men have always desired younger women. That is old news! That will never change as long as the Sun rises and sets. In the Book of Ruth, Boaz was much older than Ruth and that particular marriage was God ordained because Ruth, The Moabite, is a progenitor of our Beloved Savior, Jesus Christ. However all things must be done "decently and in order", when we are professing to be Believers. I don't know of any scripture reference that would support one`s prejudice concerning "age-gaps" when it comes to people over the age of 21. Our personal preferences should not dictate the standard for all people. We should never impose our personal preferences on other people, when it doesn't interfere with "godly-living". We all have a right to our own choices but we cant expect individuals to take polls when making personal decisions. That`s part of being "born free", as opposed to being a "slave", where other peoples opinions matter and are heeded to. Whatever the age, when it comes to any relationship, "Man is born unto trouble as the sparks fly upward", Job 5:7.

  6. I want to know what the great Bishop Jakes thinks about this


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