Presiding Bishop Charles Ellis III Has Gotten The OK To Appear On "Preachers of Detroit"!

PENTECOSTAL ASSEMBLIES OF THE WORLD, INC. Presiding  Bishop Charles H. Ellis III confirmed Oct, 1st  that he will join six other Detroit-based ministers as cast members on a new national television series “Preachers of Detroit,” as announced by Oxygen TV Network. He discussed the decision with members of the Executive Bishops Council last week, then notified the full Board of Bishops.
“I have been in the church all of my life and I fully understand the critiques and varied opinions that will be voiced concerning this opportunity,” said Bishop Charles H. Ellis III. “However, I trust that my integrity, reputation, service, and witness for Christ will shine through in what is presented. Certainly, Greater Grace Temple has an established history of impacting Detroit’s spiritual, political, and educational life in a positive way.”
Press Release: 

Facebook comment: Reality TV and the PAW are not a good mix! He will have to walk a fine line or there will be a lot of push-back! Really, being the presiding Bishop is different than being a Bishop! What a single Bishop does is considered a one off and not necessarily representative of the organization. So we should reserve judgment and see how the show is presented. I imagine his role will be greatly filtered (I.e., Clarence McClendon)! Someone else will have to be the firebrand! LOL


  1. I don't see anything good coming out of this reality tv show... the Bible says, we're to do our good in secret and God will reward us openly... the church don't need to advertise what good we do for our communities... our job is to do the good and allow God to reward us... these shows are making a mockery out of the calling that I hold dear... because of the spotlight that's put on preachers, many are taking up preaching as a professional profession instead of a divine calling by God... Bishop Ellis, I hold you in high respect... you're one of the few Gospel preachers I listen to... please don't travel down this road of reality tv... you don't need it... let the entertainers be entertainers and the preachers be preachers...

  2. I don't think this venture is a positive and fruitful way of showing Christian living.

  3. I read the release and I'm not buying it. A pastor's #1 priority is to shepherdize those that God has given them charge over. I

  4. Not sure how I feel about this!

  5. Absolute worst decision ever.

  6. "However, I trust that my integrity, reputation, service, and witness for Christ will shine through"


    Your hoping you can put your name out there so you can get more fame, recognition & donations.

    People will see about 10% of actual Godly advice, scripture & helping others(scripted of course)
    And the other 90% will be diving into your lavish lifestyle, confrontation with the other pastors, & manufacturing drama.


    1. EXACTLY!!!!!!!

    2. How much $$$ do they get?

  7. God will hold you accountable for the decisions that you make. Evaluate the whole matter. Are your reasoning cloudy or are they clear? Only what you do for Christ will last. Be sure and very sure on this life changing decision, MAN OF GOD.


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