Pastor Jamal Bryant Believe “Ebola Is Man-Made And Was Patented By The Government In 2007"!!

Pastor Jamal Bryant sheds light on the Ebola virus during Sunday's sermon. There is no question that the Ebola Virus has become a household name in recent weeks. Pastor Jamal Bryant delivered a sermon Sunday in Empowerment Temple in Baltimore advising his congregation that the Ebola virus is man-made and was patented in 2007.

Pastor Bryant referenced patent number CA2471523A1, awarded to the Center For Disease Control in 2007 after the design of the virus called “Ebobun“, better known as Ebola. According to the Pastor who allegedly obtained a copy of the patent, the patent application was written under the name of the Government Of The United States Of America. Within the description on the patent application, the CDC claims to have invented the virus. Interesting statement.... What are your thoughts?


  1. Totally irresponsible way to lead his flock u cant preach on conspiracy theories he doesnt know for SURE thats the case God hold the man of God responsible for his leadership just reckless how he is making these statements as if they r truth y not just stick to the BIBLE real truth smh

  2. The first known Ebola outbreak occurred in 1976 in the country of Sudan. It's so unfortunate in this technological day and age that folks refuse to do a little research on things such as this. *smh*

    1. Mike, thanks for the comment, but I think that Pastor Bryant had to have done, some kind of research in order to have come to this conclusion.....wouldn't you think? I really don't believe he would be putting out this kind of information if he didn't have something to back it up. IJS

  3. Twisted theology! An American doctor gave the virus a name, his interview is on Google. It is irresponsible pulpit manipulators who keep some folks in the dark chasing conspiracies around every corner.
    If he knew anything about medicine or science he would know this is common practice when it comes to viruses and is used for identifying purposes to create antivirals and vaccines which is addressed in the document. Total foolery without knowledge.

  4. Calling women hoes

    Offering to pay Erica Badu's fine for public nudity (with church funds)

    Complaining about casinos in his state

    Showing A PHOTO of Jesus, thanks to Juanita Bynum

    Bailing out a pastor who worshiping was to loud

    Getting himself arrested in Ferguson, Missouri


    Ebola conspiracy theories

    He is a true spotlight hunter.


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