Minster G. Craige Lewis: Anything We Christians Do Pertaining To Halloween Festivals, Parties, Gathering Is Demonic!


It's that time of the year again, whereas Christians are being reminded not to participate in Halloween. Those of you who don't know about Halloween might need to watch this and stop practicing Halloween, stop trying to act like you can melt it down or make it light.  Minster G. Craige Lewis said Do not compromise, if you do anything on Halloween as an alternative activity to trick or treating, it is the same thing.  Now, I know a lot of Christians don't believe the above statement, but I do. God instructs us "Be ye holy, for I (God) is Holy."


  1. EVERYTHING is demonic w this guy smh

  2. Shouldn't we include Christmas and Easter as well? Just putting it out there, no sacred cows.


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